There comes a time when it is important to speak up and to express one self as guided by a head-heart connection. When I was getting sober (I just celebrated 28 years of sobriety-praise God from whom all blessings flow), I was reminded on a daily basis that ‘feelings aren’t facts,’ because our uninventoried defects of character can drive an annihilation ‘search and destroy’ tank right into our perceived enemies or a concept or an idea that stems from our misdeeds; like wanting to blow up a bank because it charges usury rates of interest when in fact the stinking thinking wrapped in emotional b—s— stems from our having stiffed a bank for thousands of dollars. You get the picture. Having said that and having lived as if feelings aren’t facts, paradoxically, my feelings are important and they do factor into my decisions-hopefully, having done an inventory to clean up my side of the street. What I love about recovery are the paradoxes: ‘surrender to win,’ ‘die to live,’ and ‘give it away to keep it’. If the program I followed had not been loaded with paradoxes, I would still be drinking.

Now let me get to the matter at hand. I said in Astrological Answers two weeks ago, Super Tuesday, that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama would sew up the Democratic Nomination for President that day. And they didn’t; he won more states but the total delegate count remained close. But I did say in evaluating both candidates that astrology favored Obama, and it still does. Today as I write there is a (Total) Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 2 degrees of Virgo (conjunct restrictive Saturn) at 7:30 PST. Lunar Eclipses portend endings as Solar Eclipses (February 6th in Aquarius) signal new beginnings. These Eclipses have a six month arc of impact, but anything that happens within a few weeks of them is included in the range of influence. Texas and Ohio are within the range of influence. I believe that when Texas and Ohio votes are counted, Barack Obama will emerge as the Democratic Candidate for President of the United States. If you want astro-data, go back into past postings to read why I said what I did several weeks ago. A client from New York emailed me yesterday to say that I told her a year ago that the Clinton campaign would implode, explode-that Hillary Rodham Clinton would not be the Democratic Candidate for President. May I remind you that at the time she was ahead of the world by 32% or more?

My, how people, places and things change when planets move to disrupt the ‘best laid plans’ of politicians and others.

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Counselor, astro-intuitive, author, lecturer, spiritual life coach and founding director of the Sedona Intensive,, Albert Clayton Gaulden has influenced countless individuals from all walks of life-actors, athletes, financial specialists, teachers, families, psychologists and psychiatrists-from all corners of the earth-helping them to retrieve their authentic selves and to tap into the inner core of their power. Albert’s unique gift in the field of Transpersonal Psychology is responsible for his fearlessness when confronting the client’s inner conflicts. In his recent book You’re Not Who You Think You Are, Gaulden writes “Men and women are the same; each of us needs to get in touch with our invisible partner, or shadow in order to be emotionally healthy and happy.”