The Gypsy of Dimension….
The level of depth she is willing to explore!

deleterious \del-uh-TIR-ee-us\, adjective:
Harmful; destructive; pernicious.

Heat, especially year-round heat, has an even more deleterious consequence: it encourages the proliferation of life forms hostile to man.-- David S. Landes

Hikers can minimize the deleterious effects of high altitudes by spending two days acclimatizing themselves at spots around 8,000 feet.
-- Nancy Stedman

Her Name is Deleterious . Her powers of energy are so intense , they have the ability to form any entity of her thoughts. Making her tangible to the surroundings of chosen existence!
Rapidly transforming from the core of a heat, the soul evolved to its perception of Exterior BEAUTY. Arriving at Dimension level Polyglot.

polyglot \POL-ee-glot\, adjective:
1. Containing or made up of several languages.
2. Writing, speaking, or versed in many languages.
Yes, Burgess loved to scatter polyglot obscurities like potholes throughout his more than 50 novels and dozens of nonfiction works. He could leap gaily from Welsh to French to Malay to Yiddish in one breath.
-- "Byrne"

She traveled this land by wing. Her transparent transportation that grew out her back, flew her through this journey leaving only traces of glitter behind. Her desire to communicate with all was the purpose of her visit. The conquer of this Dimension was only one of many she will need in order to achieve her pure personal perception of happiness.
Deleterious was not unhappy. She was just not complete. Talking and Taking every implement of knowledge from the Fairies she sought suitable.
At times she would do so with no regard for their strength of soul…
In result she would gain the energy of their knowledge, yet lose a portion of the direction to completion.
These are levels of Chosen Dimensions. There is no death, only limitations which are a façade created by The Emperor; Fear!
This Ruler, Fear, chose not to meddle in the land of Polyglot. For he likes to reside in a Dimension far more deeper than this level of consciousness. Deleterious is well aware of this fortunate fact and proceeds to evolve to her next desired destination…

Yours Truly,

A.k.a. MelanieRose

Author's Bio: 

This is one of my short story chapters to a piece I'm working on that lets you explore the 13 dimensions of the mind...or unknown worlds.