Many of you know that I channel a group of beings in the higher realms that includes my son Danny, who died when he was 16. One day last summer, a friend talked me into attending the rodeo with her (that was my first and last time at a rodeo). I was overwhelmed by my attunement with the spirits of the animals, and found myself sitting in the stands listening to an intense transmission from my guides about the role of animals in our lives. Later than night I asked Danny tell me more of this message, and particularly about how it would help me in my work as a metaphysical grief counselor. This time I was at my computer and able to write it all down.

Here is what he said:

You sensed that learning about animal souls is part of your work in helping people with grief, because you will also be working with people who are grieving for their pets. You will remember that I once told you that angels are like fireflies... they are carriers of the light, and their job is to keep the conduits and energy channels between the dimensions clean and clear. Part of that task involves watching over us, to help us attain our intentions, because the more aligned we are with our souls' intention, the cleaner the conduits are and the more love can pass between worlds. That is what the angels are here to do, and animals are very similar to this.

There is an agreement between humans, animals and plants that we will serve each other in specific forms during the time in which earth is inhabited (it is different for different locales at different times… this is specifically an earth agreement during the period that humans are on earth). The animals are aware of the agreement and have no reason to violate it, because they have no egos that prompt them to control, i.e. change or violate the agreement. They are not on earth to accumulate experience the way humans are, so they don't have the need to experience the pain of separation. They know they are not separate, and have any reason to create a separation experience.

They know they are part of the whole, which is why they don't object to being killed for food, materials and even religious rituals. Death doesn't mean the same thing to them that it does to humans, because they simply understand that they will blend into the oneness after honoring their agreements on earth. They don’t need to reincarnate, but their souls, which are very similar to the energy of angels, happily choose to serve on earth. All the experiences animals have, including abuse and mistreatment, is part of the package. The "violence" of prey and predator is expected and honored among the animals in natural life. And when animals live with humans, any abuse they experience is part of a growth package to get the attention of the sensitive humans among you, so they can learn more about our sacred contracts with animals. Animals, sadly, cannot often get human attention any other way.

Even people who've never interacted with an animal will feel their hearts open when they hear of animal abuse. This, like everything else in the agreement, is voluntary. So for animals, not only is there no separation, they are representing one-ness to humans in everything they do. We eat them and they become part of our bodies. Their excrement fertilizes our soil. They till our land, carry us from place to place, volunteer for ancient religious rituals and modern scientific experimentation, and provide love as pets and companions. On a soul level, they are selfless servants who act as a glue to hold the human experience together (though of course we are ALL part of this glue.

Animals are like the guides and angels who hover nearby to humans, jumping up and down waving their hands trying to get our attention to say, "please look and see what we're here for so that you can understand what we're all here for." They have no reason to experience separation. They are representatives of the wholeness.

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