As I sat at my computer last week furiously getting out business letters, I looked at my clock and realized I missed a very important appointment! The fact that I teach Business Etiquette made this mistake even worse. Since I get many letters regarding how do you “save” a business relationship when you have missed an appointment, here are some guidelines:

1.Always, always have your client’s cellular number when making the date and appointment time.

2.When you see that you have missed the appointment, call immediately and humbly apologize.

3.Get to the point and tell the truth. Don’t blame anyone or anything. Be accountable and have integrity.

4.You must rebuild trust before you ask for another appointment. Send some cookies, plant or flowers expressing your desire to rebuild trust and wanting to get a second chance at building a solid relationship.

5.Call to reschedule another appointment as soon as possible. Be accommodating with the date and time requested.

6.Send the materials that you were planning to discuss “Priority Mail” for your client to review, including a professional letter expressing your desire to build a long- term relationship and the benefits of your products and services for this client.

7.No need to keep apologizing. Show respect and appreciation by your actions – they speak louder than your words.

8.Learn some information about your client from receptionist or their personal assistant: hobbies, travel etc. Bring to your meeting the magazine, brochures – small token of friendship, to break the ice.

9.Don’t be late to this 2nd appointment! Give yourself an extra 30 – 45 minutes to get to the location and sit reading your materials or a book. Give them your FULL attention; don’t book any other appointments near this time.

10.Do any follow-up immediately. Send a personalized, hand written Thank You note to show your appreciation.

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Joli Andre, President Of Polished Professionals a San Diego, CA company that specializes in Business Etiquette Training. Author of "Business Etiquette Mastery: The Power Of Executive Leadership, trained by The Protocol School Of Washington DC, certified image consultant and member of The National Speakers Association. Reach her at or visit her website: