A good web design is the key requirement for the success of any web site. It is very important that the users understand an overview about the basics of a good web design. Some of the areas in which it is important to understand the overview of the web design are the areas of graphics, layout, fonts and the advertising. Some of the tips which are important to be kept in mind are as follows:


It is always important that you use images which are small so that they can be accessible by all the browsers like the 10-12 KB images. However with the growing technology the number of broadband users is going high. But it is important that pages should be set up in such a way that they are fast to be accessed, lots of usage of images on to the web page makes the process very slow. It is also to be kept in mind that the big images are the main cause for reducing the speed of the accessibility of the pages.

It is always advisable that you do not use images that blink, move, flash or rotates. Incase you want to use them then ensure that you use them very sparingly. It is to be noted that the many studies have proven that these blinking images annoy the users, although you may find these images as attractive in the first instance but the users do not find these images to be attractive. There have been instances where the users actually try to hide the images so that they could read the rest of the content.


Standard layouts are always better: One thing which is considered as a good feature of a good web design is that you should use simple layout. I have come across a page wherein there has been usage of six frames, the development of such a web page might have been extremely fun but it does not serve the main purpose of a good web page that is providing information to the users. The standard layout has been scientifically proven for their results. So it is always better to use a three column layout because the main purpose for which a webpage is prepared is served with it.
Ensure that you use the white spaces properly because it is considered as one o0f the most important feature in the construction of a good web page.


It is always important that you use the right kind of font on your web page. It would be advisable that you use Sans serif fonts because they are much easier to read and they also match with the monitor resolution. Incase you are using serif fonts for the normal text than it can blur the text so it is always advisable that you use serif for the headlines and sans-serif for text.

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