Earning your massive income and financial free lifestyle from online marketing is a process. You will go through a few stages before you can earn money while you are sleeping.

Learning stage

Like it or not, you need to begin by learning internet marketing. You are like a blank paper when you started the business.

To solve that, I will recommend you to either to learn from a mentor or do your own self-learning. You can buy an online marketing ebook to start your own online business.

Still, if your finance allows it, it is recommended that you learn from a mentor because he has been through the process and know where the hidden trap is. You can save a lot of frustration with a mentor help.

Confusion stage

This is a critical stage where a lot of internet marketers will give up their business. This is because as you continue with the business, you will get so much information that everyone of them sounds important and need to be done first. But when you do as told, the result was not impressing.

If you are in this stage now, stop for a moment and clear your head. Ask your mentor what you need to do or post a question at forum for help.

Decision stage

The first thing you need to know in this stage is to know who is looking for what online.

Then you can either create your own product to market to these people or join affiliate marketing to offer your target market what they need.

If you ask me, I will recommend that you start with affiliate marketing to get the feel of internet marketing simply because you don't need to create the product.

Driving traffic stage

You need prospects to sell your product and to draw these prospects to your product, you can try article marketing, blog or pay per click (PPC) ad.

Then I will suggest you to refer these prospects to your list, offer something valuable and capture their details. Build a relationship with them first before your promote anything to them.

Remember, people like to buy from people they like and that is what you need to achieve.

Innovation stage

When you are earning money from internet marketing, I hope that you will start to look for new ways to increase your online income. Be it investing for new ways to get prospects to your list or applying new marketing strategies to increase your conversion rate.

The bottom line is, always open yourself to new opportunities.

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