Why is there a need to know about poly bags, you may ask, particularly that of imported poly bags? As a start, the so-called poly bags (sometimes spelled polybags) are plastic bags manufactured from LDPE, or low density polyethylene. The versatility of LDPE makes the poly bags strong and safer to use, which is why LDPE is the same material that’s being used for food processing. With that in mind, have you wondered how important this material is for poly bags? Why use imported poly bags against others in the first place?

For instance, imported poly bags that are 1.5 to 2 millimeters thick can be used for light packaging applications such as to protect small booklets, magazines, and clothing. On the other hand, the imported poly bags that are 3 millimeters thick are used for medium duty packaging applications. When imported poly bags reach 4 to 6 millimeters in thickness, you can be sure that these poly bags are designed for heavy duty packaging applications.

When purchasing imported poly bags from a manufacturer, it’s wise to purchase the imported poly bags in large volumes for financial and security reasons. For example, you may buy imported poly bags that are 1.5 millimeters thick by ordering 5000 pieces per carton. You also have to specify the size of your imported poly bags, like if they have to be 2 x 3, 3 x 4, or 3 x 5 in size. When you buy in larger volumes, the price per piece for that order goes down significantly, and most manufacturers are willing to give discounts depending on your business transaction. This holds true regardless of the size of imported poly bags that you order.

Further understand that poly bags are manufactured from polyethylene thus making them biodegradable when exposed to direct oxygen and UV light. For this reason, stabilizing chemicals may be added during the manufacturing process to prevent them from breakage. Though this renders your imported poly bags stable to use for industrial purposes, it may affect how the polyethylene content could be broken down for disposal later on. You might also be hesitant to use imported poly bags for food if they have stabilizing chemicals added to them to prevent degradation.
However, there are now some poly bags that are considered biodegradable yet can still be used for traditional poly bags applications like T-shirt packaging, garbage bags, promotional bags, and produce bags. The prime benefits of using these biodegradable poly bags is that when they wind up in landfills, eventually they will degrade on their own and that’s a positive in terms of environmental issues.

If you are thinking of using imported poly bags for your business, it’s wise to try to search for manufacturers of the biodegradable kind of imported poly bags. This way you and your customers benefit from the features of imported poly bags yet do not contribute to the deterioration of the environment.

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