Although all of us would like to feel content and fulfilled all of the time, many people suffer with emotional difficulties that interfere with enjoying a positive and productive life. Problems are often life-long, self-defeating patterns developed in childhood. These patterns create many negative feelings such as insecurity, anger, anxiety and a depressed mood. As adults, we often create the conditions of our childhood that were often most harmful to us. These themes damage our sense of self, our health, our relationship with others, our work and our happiness. Therapeutic treatment can include the integration of psychotherapy and nutrition to achieve emotional wellness.

A beneficial method of psychotherapy uses a process known as Cognitive-Restructuring. Use of this method helps change automatic distorted thoughts such as over-generalization, all-or-nothing thinking, and “should” statements and magnification to positive self-assured thoughts. Thoughts can be changed because feelings are not facts.

Another method to elevate mood is through nutrition, including the use of Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. The body cannot make these fatty acids itself, they can only be supplied in our food. Over the past century, people have largely eliminated Omega-3 fatty acids from their diet. There is evidence that this has had a very negative impact on the inner workings of the body, most notably the heart and the brain. Research done by Andrew Stoll, M.D. who is the director of Psychopharmacology research at McClean Hospital in Boston, found that Omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in mental health. They regulate and enhance mood, decrease depression, sharpen memory and even aid in concentration and learning. These nutrients are found in deep, cold water fish. Although certain fish can supply these oils, it would take huge daily amounts, such as consuming four cans of tuna, to achieve the same results. Human beings can help their brains work more efficiently and become more “even keeled” with an Omega-3 renewal plan using fish oil supplements and nutrient rich whole foods.

Therapeutic treatment to improve mood, emotional well-being, health and happiness include many facets. The above two methods are extremely helpful in achieving positive life changes.

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