The fall of 2000 a two hour PBS special featured the fifty year career of improvisation comedian Jonathan Winters. Winters, a fixture on TV during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s is known for his unscripted, seat-of-the-pants comedy. When asked where his ideas came from, Winters mentioned a higher power. “I certainly like to think that I’m in charge and I know exactly what I’m doing and what I’m going for,” the 74 year old comedian said, “But...I’ve always felt that someone was feeding me.”

My friend Cait has asked me many times, “What are you going to write about tonight?” and I would tell her, “I don’t know. I’ll have a better idea after I read it.” Like Winters, writing, when it’s going well, is like entering a zone of timelessness and striking the keys as fast a I can. I feel more like a transcriber than an originator of my material, yet inside me is an observer who watches everything I’m doing.

An idea for a screenplay has been rolling around in my mind for a year or so. The premise alights on the issue of the creative formation of ideas. For now the working title is “God’s Book Tour,” and it goes like this. Here’s the pitch, as they say in Hollywood: God is tired of being misunderstood. Some say He doesn’t exist. Others argue that He does. Then there are the arguments He’s heard zillions of times: Man evolved over a period of millions of years. No, man was created in God’s image. He started smart and got dumb. God hears our prayers. God has more important things to do than concern Himself with our every whim. He’s not our delivery boy. Heaven, God’s home, the preachers tell their parishioners, is like listening to the music of Lawrence Welk forever with choirs of angels who never stop singing. God would like to correct that misconception. He wants people to know He is a God whose tastes are eclectic and He enjoys many types of music.

Although a lot of people are rushing to sign up for those mansions just over the hilltop, they seem to have no idea what Heaven’s suburbs and subdivisions look like. God feels He has not made clear to those of us down here what a good deal He’s offering. Our behavior, though, will have to meet established community standards. “Perhaps,” God thinks, “it’s time for me to write a book, clear up people’s confusion, tell my side of the story, then find a publisher who has a proven track record for marketing, distribution and public relations.”

“Great idea,” says an advisor. “Write your book, it’s bound to be a best seller, and you can get a good PR agency to book you on all the radio and TV talk shows. You’ll be famous.”

God looks at this adviser and says, “Obviously you haven’t heard! Who are you anyway and who promoted you?”

God writes the book. It makes #1 on all the bestseller lists. He starts His radio-TV book tour. During his first TV interview, the morning show host asks, “Where did you get your ideas for this book?” I love that.

This question, however, isn’t all that far-fetched. Haven’t you wondered, “Where did the idea for this universe come from? Why are we here? What is my purpose and destiny?” “Is this,” as the Peggy Lee song asks, “all there is?” Or does it seem plausible to you that eternity has been placed in our hearts? Or will we, to paraphrase Shakespeare , strut on stage, speak our lines, and then depart?

Haven’t there been times when all this—your life, this bustling, crazy world—seems like a dream? Have you ever had the feeling you were dropped off here by mistake? That you were intended to be elsewhere, and somehow, for reasons you can’t explain, here you are, living where you clearly don’t belong? Where does that feeling originate? Inside us? Beyond us? Since we are composed of elements that at one point were one, and not split apart, is it any wonder that holographic memories of our origins reside in us? Some day we may be able to “evoke” those original signals, decode them, and see the actual 3-D pictures locked in our cellular/atomic structures. So far, though, the “Origin Cable Network” isn’t up and fully running. It’s still in the experimental stages.

Will the day ever come we are eye-to-eye with the Source and see him/her directly? This is a touchy question because, just as a painting cannot see the frame around itself, so we, as paintings within Totality (the frame) are clearly limited in our view of what is dimensionless, outside “time” operating from timelessness. At best, for now, all we have is a keyhole glimpse into forever.

I’ve written at other times about the observer in all of us, the unit of pure thought or witnesser who looks out from my mind and sees me doing what I’m doing as I do it. Even catatonic schizophrenics, I’ve been told, have a “sane” observer inside who witnesses their refusal to respond to reality.

As I write these words, it’s as though I have “someone” or “something” within me watching me write them. I am aware of myself being aware of placing these words on my computer screen. In many of our social interactions, we are aware of you being aware of me being aware of you while we talk. You are aware of my awareness of you. You are also aware that you are aware.

The observer, I now believe, is more than a passive spectator to the passing flow or stream of events within us as well as those occurring on the outside. When it’s real job description is explained and grasped, the “Observer” suddenly realizes it was “hired” to be the Director of the movie in our heads, meant to be the Conductor of our emotional symphony, the President & CEO of a corporate enterprise called “My Life.”

It hasn’t been aware of its power and so, “purchased tickets” to watch the spectacle of our somewhat interesting life because it had no idea it was in charge of organizing it. Before I blow an emotional circuit over some trivial thing, I am no longer “watched” as I prepare to blow, but gently restrained by the Director or Orchestrator who knows blowing up will not be a solution to what is bothering me. It reminds me that I am capable of better responses, that upset is not who I am nor what I want to be, and assists me as I calm down and find a better way.

While on this topic, have you ever asked yourself, “When I dream, who is watching the dream if I am asleep? I may forget the dream upon awakening, but someone watched it. That someone, upon closer examination, turns out to be the Observer in my head. It doesn’t matter whether the dreams originate from my inner projection machine or source out of a vaster cosmological movie studio claiming more stars on its payroll than are in the heavens, a spectator is always present, seated in the theater of my mind, watching each scene of my movie (or dream) as it is played out on my inner screen. Once it becomes aware of its identity, the Observer can shift scenes around, change actors, rewrite dialogue, alter the lighting—after all, it has now assumed its proper Directorial role.

All this tells us we are not helpless, hapless slaves of our emotional ups and downs. While there may be, in some people, a biochemical element that affects their mood swings, most of us realize how extraordinary it is to discover that negative moods—those dark clouds that appear in our emotional sky—can be blown away by an act of will. Our moods, we now realize, do not own us. We own them. They may rumble across our sky, unleash a few lightning strikes, but by an act of will, an act of collaboration with our managing director (the Observer), we can be looking into calm skies within a matter of minutes. The problem, you see, isn’t that we have these upthrusts of emotion, it’s that we give these intruders the keys to our head and allow them to stay as long as they feel like it.

I am here, you are here, because the Source dreamed you. In the beginning, as we think of beginnings, was the idea, the blueprint, and the conception of you. You were part of a very good dream and the Source, upon awakening, felt good about it. Because it was a dream, though, you were in the dream but not the total dream. For this reason, even though the Source used the basic building blocks of itself to craft you, you were not fully endowed with all its powers. You were made just a little lower. After all, we would need time to “grow up” and use wisely the powers placed within our reach (within us). One reason this earth might be thought of as a school is because the curriculum we learn here is preparing us for greater opportunities.

Look at those who have ruined nations, brought about so much pain and suffering by being so ego-driven and ask yourself, “Could these maniacs be entrusted with rulership of the cosmos?” So, our powers, for now are limited, but at the same time quite extraordinary. Forever was also placed in your heart when you became the conception of the Conceiver. Truth was hidden in your soul. Search a lifetime for forever and truth, as many do today, and the irony of your searching is that you have carried within you what you went looking for!

The Source is dreaming you and me as a being capable of dreaming dreams of the Source who is dreaming us. Why, you may wonder, once our template was completed, and we “appeared” on the scene to live under this vast umbrella we call multiverses (many simultaneous universes), why would the Dreamer of the dream continue to dream us? Because we are an unfinished project.

Take a moment to scan planet earth in your imagination. Here we are, living in our Source’s dream, yet acting like reckless, out-of-control children. Imagine your Source tossing and turning because part of His/Her dream is pleasant, part is nightmare. Within the dream is jealousy, lust, hatred, envy, murder, greed. These are, we might say, elements of horror disturbing the Conceiver’s dream. There are also many pleasant moments the Source enjoys. Within the dream are loving acts, courage, faith, hope, goodness, tolerance, caring, and the aspiration within many hearts to live in forever.

How do we change the dream the Dreamer is dreaming? The answer becomes significant if we want to realign our life situation. Dream the best dreams possible for yourself and others because, some day, the dreams you awake from will become your reality. Although the Dreamer dreams my dream, plus the dreams of all life forms, it is still One dream. Dream specialists tell us it is possible to alter the setting, people, and theme of a dream that upsets us. In other words, we can rearrange its elements, the sequence in which they occur, and create outcomes much more to our liking. Perhaps it is because we don’t feel like putting much effort into re-editing our waking and our sleeping dreams that our life situations repeat themselves.

The Dreamer, you see, continues to dream, but the nature of what is dreamed has changed. The Dreamer dreams our new conceptions. We have inserted our directorial vision into the dreamer’s sleep and, in doing so, have planted the dream seeds of future plentiful harvests. This is a good exercise for us because, as we practice, we become co-creators in shaping our personal lives and destiny. Seen this way, how we act, what we believe, the words we speak, and the emotions we identify with become a movie that helps the Dreamer awake to know us better, love us, comfort us, give assistance, and encourage us as we walk our path.

Does the world we know shut down when the Dreamer sleeps? No, like us, the Dreamer has an Observer who watches the dream and all activity within it.

We are tired now. We sleep. It will not be long before our dreams begin.

Sometimes we dream nonsense. Sometimes our dreams flush out unresolved emotions. Sometimes we dream dreams that contain meaningful symbolism to us. Sometimes we dream cautionary or predictive dreams. Sometimes our dreams reveal our future. Sometimes our spirit lifts out of our body and soars to and explores regions beyond the bed where we sleep.

And then—once in a while—in our dreams, we wonder about our beginnings. We explore who we are. We are instructed and rehearsed so we may possess a greater understanding of how the pieces of our lives fit into a bigger cosmological puzzle. We may also remember a time when, as we dreamed, the “fabric of reality” split apart, and we beheld glimpses of remoter worlds. And finally, like Eastern sages have experienced on rare occasions, we may intuitively sense, as we awake, that we met and were face-to-face with the Source who is dreaming us.

Will there be a homecoming some day? A family reunion? I’ll close by saying this is an issue for reflection to be discussed (and continued) in another dream!

Tonight, however, “you will have the most beautiful and restful sleep, and awaken to one of the brightest mornings you have ever known.” (Rebecca Beard, Everyman’s Journey).

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James Napier was a television news broadcaster in Texas for many yers. He worked as an anchor, talk show host, and feature story reporter (over 2,000 travel stories of unique people and places off the beaten path in Texas). You can learn more about James' present communications projects (including a global TV news network project) at
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