Aloe vera is an amazing herb. It heals the skin. Every hospital should have large aloe vera plants in the burn ward to treat patients with. The way aloe vera speeds up skin healing after a burn is amazing. Likewise, every home should have aloe vera plants in the kitchen where burns are likely to occur.

Then again, dealing with the actual plant isn't very convenient. A tube of pure 95% or more aloe vera gel is good enough and a lot more convenient. It makes a welcome additin to the first aid kit.

If you get burnt or scalded, apply aloe vera gel on the burn immediately. Reapply every hour and keep the area moist. Aloe vera has mild anaelgesic qualities and can soothe the pain. Although the bulk of the gel from the plant is water (about 99%) there are so many constituents in the remaining one per cent that works directly on the skin cells, stimulating fibroblast production which in turn leads to an increase in collagen production, healing the skin at a very basic level.

Got a cut? After washing and disinfecting the cut, apply aloe vera on the wound so the skin will heal nicely.

If you get sunburnt, smear the aloe vera gel all over the sunburnt skin to bring relief and get it to heal faster.

For acne, you can soothe the painful red pimples by dotting aloe vera gel on it.

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties so it would soothe skin irritations.

If you have eczema or your skin breaks out in a rash, you can soothe the itch by applying aloe vera gel over the itchy skin.

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