I don't know about you, but I'm a bit miffed. I mean, here it is, the 21st century and we STILL don't have flying cars! Can you believe it? We're still driving around on four little wheels. Incredible!

See, when I was a kid, everyone was promising flying cars in the 21st century, not to mention cities in the sky, routine flights to time-share villas on the moon, robots to do all the housework, and best of all, great gourmet meals popping out of the wall at the push of a button....

Ah, the good old days when the future was, oh, so promising!

The problem with the future, though, like Life itself is that it often does it's own thing despite our efforts to control it or steer it. Sure, we can ensure that some things will or won't happen, but in the big ol' grand scheme, Life tends to roll on at it's own pace, it's own way.

So, rather than fight the future, I stroll along with it. Making my plans, dreaming my dreams, but staying flexible to the bumps and curves that come my way. Obstacles are merely challenges that make the whole trip interesting, and I'm happy to just be here.

I challenge you to adopt a similar philosophy. Don't force the future, just let it come...

Don't push so hard that you forget to enjoy the journey. Don't run so fast that you ignore the real opportunities you receive. Don't expect so much, so exactly, that you can't enjoy the great things that Life gives you.

Do, however, keep working on your pilot's license because those flying cars are coming soon, I just know it.

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