We have kept a dog for almost eight years, and he has become a family member to us. This little puppy concerns on everything in our house. He would give a bark to tell us that the sofa has been moved, or to remind us to put a traveling bag back to the original place. Undoubtedly, things we cannot bear would also annoy him.

Despite of those in common, we do have different opinions on one thing, which pleases us very much but bothers him a lot. That is a fence, which keeps him in a restrict place.

Although we have taken the little puppy as a part of our family, he is forbidden to get into our bedrooms. Therefore, we decided to set a moveable fence to stop him. Compared wire mesh fence with wooden palisade fence, we found that welded wire mesh feels much colder and heavier than wood, so in welded wire mesh, wire mesh fence, palisade fencing, we chose the palisade fence. The fence is not high. It perfectly stops the puppy and makes no trouble for people passing by. Whenever we don’t want to be bothered by him, we will turn to the fence for help.

Late at night, we have to say good night to our naughty puppy. He would go back to his enclosure unless we give him a ham sausage. If we forget to do that, he would bark near the fence and not stop shouting until he gets his sausages.

A fence is like an obstacle set by policemen. To a large extent, it depends on one’s self-discipline. In recent days, our puppy frequently breaks the fence out. He was closed on the balcony, but unexpectedly appeared at our living room. After examination, we caught sight of a crack, which exactly allows the puppy curl through.

We forgave his lack of self-discipline for several times, however, he didn’t feel contented. After those trials, he has taken it for granted that we agreed with him. Gradually, he frequently went out from his fence. One morning, I nearly trample on the crouching sleeping puppy by the door of my bedroom. Apparently, the fence should be fixed more firmly, so that the puppy cannot easily get out by his claws.

After lunch, I started to mend the fence.
Quickly, the puppy figured out that and flew into a rage temper. He ran after me and kept roaring at the fence. Obviously, our smart puppy had seen me trough and began to make a protest against the “bad” idea.
Protest is protest, but democracy should be closely linked with centralism. Protest means nothing to me when I don’t want to give you the democracy right. Smilingly, I got some tools and put a block on the door of the fence.

It just took ten more minutes to finish the work, and just the ten more minutes drove the puppy almost crazy. He angrily went around me, shouted at me and carried off my tools. Luckily, I had kept only one puppy, or there would be a horrible group accident.

Protest objected. The fence had been fixed again. The puppy cannot push it away by his claws any more. When I rose my feet, I almost fell to the ground which was very slippery. My little naughty puppy just relieved himself on the place where I squatted.

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