In order to maintain proper health one must also have a balanced body chemistry - that is of utmost importance to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ingesting too many acidic foods causes something called 'acidosis' and is a base cause of quite a few diseases and is especially prevalent in people who suffer from arthritic and rheumatic diseases which affect the joints.

When you digest food you are actually 'burning' it - changing it into fuel much like how a combustion engine turns gasoline into energy to propel you forward. Our fuel source is crucial to maintaining our health and body balance but if we have acidosis, and overly acidic diet, then our body is getting bad fuel. You would not put diesel fuel into a car that runs on regular, now would you? Of course you would not and your body is no different.

As our body burns fuel we create 'ash' as a byproduct. This byproduct can have several properties. They can be harmless, acidic or alkaline - this is determined by what minerals are found in the food. This ash occurs when your blood or tissues are low in reserves of alkali.

We must create a ratio of acid and alkaline in order to maintain a balance to keep our body working in good order. The normal ratios are, on average, 4 parts of alkaline to 1 of acid or 80-20. When we maintain these ratios the body has an extra strong resistance to disease as well as increased healing whereas the opposite occurs if the balance is out of whack. Disease treatments should contain foods that are high in alkali so that the acidity is offset giving them the best possible chance of beating it.

When our bodies are healthy we have high reserves of alkaline so that emergency demands are easily met just in case there is too much acid ingested. We can deplete these reserves, however and when the ratios begin to drop to 3 to 1 our health can be seriously affected. We can function quite normally as well as sustain our health but only when we have plenty of alkaline in reserve as well as a proper ratio between alkaline and acidic foods.

There are five key alkaline foods which help our bodies maintain the proper pH balance and they are:

Alkaline Food #1: Broccoli - Broccoli is one of those veggies we eat but don't always realize the great properties that are inherent in it which helps with circulation as well as the burning of fuel.

Alkaline Food #2: Spinach - Calorie against calorie spinach is by far one of the best options for foods high in alkaline offering nutrients way above the norm.

Alkaline Food #3: Avocado - I personally love this fruit and you know that it is great with lowering cholesterol and supporting heart health.

Alkaline Food #4: Sprouts - Sprouts offer us many benefits including lowering cholesterol and supporting heart health but also is high in compounds that attack cancer producing cells.

Alkaline Food #5: Flaxseed Oil - This oil is rich in minerals that promote joint and bone health and ingesting a tablet a day can make arthritis less of a concern over a short period of time.

Eating abundant amount of alkaline food daily will help you to restore pH balance in your body to experience the best health possible.

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pH balanced diet helps you to renew vigor, boost energy, prevent illnesses, and lose weight. Step-by-step pH balanced diet plan shows you how to put pH balanced diet into practice in your everyday life.