1. The philosophy of “build it and they will come” only works in the movies – marketing is essential to the success of any business, ignore it and your business will fail.

Too many businesses will make the mistake of coming up with an idea for a product, developing the product, getting it produced and ready to sell and only then start thinking about who is actually going to buy it.

Save yourself a lot of work and heart ache and begin your marketing as soon as you can for your business. If you business is up and operating its not too late; you can still put in a place a great marketing and promotions strategy that will increase your sales.

2. Marketing is not like Christmas, you can’t just do it once a year – Marketing is one of those ongoing activities in your business that you keep building and building. It’s not a one off exercise.

Expect to continue to continue to develop and build on your marketing activities as long as your business is running.

3. Who are you?
Before you can tell your customers who you are you need to know who you are. Ask yourself the questions – who am I aiming at, what does my business stand for, what is the identity I want to portray?

Before implementing any marketing strategies you need to have a clear idea and vision as to what your business is all about.

4. Who are your customers and do they fit you?
Trying to be all things to all people is a sure fire way to fail.

Be specific with a couple of target markets and customer groups and aim your business and products at them.
Pick those customers that you want to deal with, markets that suit you and the way you operate and then develop product that those markets will want to purchase.

For example, if you really love water sports and spend every weekend either at the beach or on a boat with people with similar interests, a business in that area would probably suit you. Make sure you choose a business that you are going to love and have some affinity for as this will sustain you for the long term.

5. Be different, be original, be unique
Differentiate yourself from you competitors and then you won’t compete on price.

There are many companies that sell fried chicken in this world, but only one that has “The Kernel’s secret herbs and spices”.

If your product is different not only will you remain for longer in the customers mind, but you will be able to charge more for your services.

6. Lazy marketing is expensive and doesn’t always work.
Many people when they think of marketing they think only of advertising, which often is the most expensive and least effective form of marketing.

There are many highly effective marketing tools you can use that may cost a lot less but take a little more time to implement.

7. Consistency, consistency, consistency.
Ensure that your image, your copy and everything about your marketing is consistent. Repetition is the key.

8. Do it right the first time
Save yourself a lot of heart ache, time and money by getting your marketing right the first time.

For example, if you spend the time and money on getting a great logo the first time and you won’t have to redo all your marketing material down the track.

9. Get organised, put it into a strategy and “just do it”.
Marketing is 1% knowledge and 99% action. Get a plan, put in time lines, and set aside the time every week to market your business.

10. You need to be addicted to marketing. If not, hire someone who is.

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Alison is the owner of the fastest growing massage therapy business in South East Queensland