Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. If you are having some physical problems, and you think they may be due to drinking alcohol, or quitting drinking alcohol, then read on. You may be suffering from alcohol withdrawal. It can be a serious health risk that may lead to a withdrawal seizure, and even death.

If there are symptoms that include shaking, see a doctor right away. What causes the shaking? Shaking is most likely due to withdrawing from alcohol. Alcohol is a drug, and if used consistently, the body may face withdrawal when the person stops drinking alcohol. Many people refer to the condition as having the DTs, the acronym for Delirius Tremens, a medical condition. However, there is a difference between DTs and "simple" alcohol withdrawal. Basically, you can have "simple" withdrawal hours after you've gone out drinking, or if you've cut back recently. That type of withdrawal is like having the flu, where your temperature rises, your heart beat elevates, you sweat a lot, and you probably vomit.

However, the more serious type of alcohol withdrawal called "delirium tremens" can be fatal. A person in this condition is confused and disoriented, aside from being physically sick. They are delirious. When a person reaches this point, they probably cannot help themselves.

In either case of withdrawal, the possibility of suffering an alcohol withdrawal seizure is present. During the seizure, breathing may stop. Because of how serious alcohol withdrawal can be, the person should always get medical help. The person needs to be evaluated and detoxified. In detox they will give you medication to reduce the risks of fatality. The medication will most likely be a type of benzodiazepine, such as Ativan, Xanax, or Klonopin for example.

Drinking alcohol can be damaging to your body, and in some cases results in serious medical harm to a person. Always seek the help of a medical professional when you are feeling sick.

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