I'm sitting on the subway across from a beautiful woman... I want to strike up a conversation, but my fears get the best of me. Then, this beautiful woman starts up a conversation with another person on the subway who is also a stranger to her (I eavesdropped on their conversation). Now I knew that she was, at least, a person open to having conversations with strangers (a "stranger talker"). Since she was a stranger talker, I knew I didn't have any excuse to remain silent.

Their conversation ended, and I started calming my nerves to initiate something with this woman. Noticing she was reading a book, I said: "Do you use bookmarks?" She replied "Yes!" with astonishment and added "but I don't have any with me today." Thanking God that I was an author who carried my own bookmarks, I presented her with one of mine and said "Here you go." Suddenly, we arrived at my subway station and I had to quickly depart the train!

Did you ever wish that you had started a conversation with a stranger, only to procrastinate and miss your opportunity? Have you ever had an interesting conversation with a stranger? Were you ever surprised to notice how well a conversation with a stranger was going? Deep down inside, do you have a hidden passion to be more of a stranger talker?

It can be a lot easier to start up a conversation during the festive season. We can talk about holiday shopping, visiting families or attending parties. How about the simple question, "Are you doing anything special over the holidays?" Or, we can even discuss how this season has become popularized to a point where every company and every newsletter has got to mention something about it! :)

In the true spirit of the holidays, haven't you noticed that people tend to be more cheerful and radiant? We can say hello to a stranger and not worry about being ignored or rejected. So, let this season be your reason for love in your life. Be a stranger talker. Take the initiative to be with strangers, to make a connection, and to experience more love.

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On behalf of everyone at Ordinary Words, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a magical and miraculous holiday season.

Love & God Bless,
[)anish /|hmed

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