Your natural talents are gifts at birth. You had nothing to do with them. However, you have a great deal to do with
becoming aware of them and developing them into strengths.
It is up to you to discover your natural signature talents and transform them through focus, practice and learning into consistent high performance.

Leaders' first awareness of a signature talent comes in late childhood or adolescence. They then build on this competency in their first job or when some other transitional situation occurs that demands they use this signature talent more purposefully.

Focusing on what matters helps them reach clarity.

As the years go by, they regularly practice developing their signature talents into strengths. The progression from a person's first awareness of their signature talents to the point of mastery offers a clear picture of how life excellence is achieved.

To some degree, we all have an innate talent for some activity.

By focusing our attention on building strengths within our individual and enduring talents (while applying damage control to our weaknesses), we can choose to move from satisfactory performance to excellence. When we know what our signature talents are and how we might apply them, the application of attention allows our focused energy to push us toward success.

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Author's Bio: 

John G. Agno is a certified executive & business coach and president of Signature, Inc., an Ann Arbor, MI based leadership development firm.