Do you want to become a super affiliate fast? Do you want to make more money next month?

To make more money, you need to follow the paths of super affiliates. They are the big earners and believe me, it's not a hazard.

Obviously, they are doing something that others don't know. Do you know that only 5% of affiliates are earning 95% of the money in this billion dollar industry?

Do you want to know the secrets that all the other struggling affiliates don't know?

1. Super affiliates create interesting websites

They do not create a page and think that people will read it and click on their affiliate links.

What they do is searching what are the real problems that people have in the niche and they give them the solution.

They take the time to make some researches before they enter a market.

2. Many websites

Super affiliate marketers don't have one or two websites. They have ten or more.

Sometimes, they have more than ten websites in the same niche.

Thin affiliates think that they are going to learn a lot of money with only one site. The only people I know who did that are creator of Digg or YouTube.

3. Education

Super affiliate earners invest in heir education. They do not want to get everything for free or spend time 'roaming' in online forums and complaining that a technique doesn't work.

4. Tracking and testing

Super affiliate test and track everything. They take data driven decision to project in the future. They don't stay wondering why something isn't working because they have the data and know exactly where the problem is so they can improve.

Like this, a failing project becomes a winner.

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