The news that you or a loved one has cancer is devastating. For people who go through this life changing process they not only have to go through treatment after treatment, but they also have to go through a whole other battle, with their insurance company. It is hard enough having to deal with the mental and physical battle that cancer brings, and now they have to deal with insurance too. The days following a cancer diagnosis can be filled with anxiety and sadness and the last thing you would want to do is look through your health insurance plan, but reading your plan and understanding the coverage you receive specific to your treatment during this difficult time can help you down the road if you come across problems with coverage.

When cancer comes into the picture you will be asking yourself questions about your health insurance plan that you may not even have considered before, such as what if you feel like your doctor may be inadequate when it comes to dealing with your diagnosis and you want to change doctors, what can you do? Reading you health insurance plan can help you figure out the answers to these important questions. The next thing you want to do is begin collecting and keeping all paperwork as your treatment progresses, you should keep records of all discussions had with doctors, any paperwork given from doctors and your insurance company, and also it may help to have in writing from your insurance company what benefits you have when it comes to your treatment. It is especially very important for you to keep any papers that you are given when it comes to you being denied treatment by your insurance company, if you are going to appeal any medical decisions all paperwork regarding the denial of treatment is needed in court and if you have to ask for a photocopy or duplicate it will slow down the process. Not being able to go to court immediately to appeal a denial of treatment is last thing you need when trying to be treated for at such a serious time.

For insurance companies like Aetna, health insurance records are kept so that they can be accessed easily if a patient needs them. This is why Aetna health insurance is one of the best companies providing insurance for patients going through the treatment of cancer. According to Aetna, some health insurance companies may deny your treatment of chemotherapy if you decide to proceed with a different type of treatment like a clinical trial. With a clinical trial you may be offered new drugs that may really help you recover, but at the same time you need to undergo chemotherapy and often the insurance provider won’t cover it, or will only cover half of it if you are in a clinical trial. Some advice from Aetna, health insurance providers should be doing everything in their power to help you recover quickly and if you feel they aren’t you should appeal the company’s decision to not cover you.

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