Coach software? Why would you need it? In a world of technological advances occurring every day, why would you consider spending any amount of money on coach software when your everyday spreadsheets will do the trick? Or perhaps you have an inclination towards pen and paper? Whatever your reason, we’ll encourage you to read on, because in times riddled with financial insecurities and economic hardships, coach software might just save you on those most precious of commodities: time.

What is Coach Software

The benefits of coach software can obviously be derived from the name. It is software designed with the sole purpose of managing coaches, employees and time tables, all with the typing of a couple of keys and a click or two with the mouse.

But alright, that still leaves a very vague description of what coach software, or any form of specialised software for that matter, is really about. To commence with a detailed explanation, we’ll first state that coach software is designed to save you and your employees both time and effort. It is a package usually designed to juggle multiple aspects of any business at any given moment. Think about your roster, your staff, the vehicles within your fleet, schedules, maps and so much more. These are all things that should be included in a decent coach software package to help you manage an effective business. However, there’s more.

With so many new technologies having the ability to interface with each other, communication is an emphasized part of any business. This also has bearing on aspects of the business aside from telephonic communication that will enable the business run a more accurate, focused operation. In terms of coach software, this means real time data accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet as well as information that will benefit your passengers (such as timetables, routes & maps, invoices, etc.). In short, it’s about what you can do to make your life and those of your clients easier.

What is Included in Coach Software

So that being said, you should now have a fair idea of how coach software will both save you time and put you on the map with existing, new and potential customers. Here are a couple of things that you should expect to find included in the services offered by your coach software:

• Internet maps, timetables and invoices
• Contact Management
• Human resources management (drivers, mechanics, etc.)
• Fuel Duty Rebate (FDR)
• Vehicle management & maintenance
• Working Time Directive (WTD) compliance
Software support

As you can see, the list incorporates a variety of different aspects of any business and aims to provide both you and your clients with easily accessible data to encourage the flow of your business. Consider those areas of your business that could benefit from coach software. Will it save you time? Will it save you effort and money?

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