The GR8X Baby Traveller bag is a unique diaper bag in that it contains a built in change pad for changing your baby.

The GR8X Baby Traveller diaper bag is manufactured in Australia. This bag is destined to become the hottest diaper bag on the market within the next year.

It is starting to get some justified recognition. Recently on a review site called Baby Scoop it out rated all other diaper bags as the most versatile diaper bag on the market.

The GR8X Baby Traveller diaper bag takes some explaining but the most useful and versatile bag on the market. This diaper bag is less of a fashion statement, but totally useful and functional. It comes in 8 great colors and does back pack, shoulder and messenger carrying positions along with the ability to hang on a stroller.

For those that own a GR8X Baby Traveller diaper bag it has become an amazing baby accessory. It helps moms and dads out of jams - since you can unfurl its built in change pad virtually anywhere... even on a bathroom floor (not fun but sometimes necessary).

The GR8X Baby Traveller bag unfolds like a large "T" and baby lies on the bag, with his/her accessories on each side. When done, the bag folds into itself and forms into a neat backpack. Very cool.

The GR8X Baby Traveller is essentially your portable diaper changing table. For parents on the go, it’s a dream bag that not only includes the built in changing pad but has several convenient pockets for all of your diaper changing essentials, such as pockets for diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and little baby toys. It also has an insulated bottle holder that often came in handy.

Imagine being at a place where there is no washroom, or where the washroom has no change table, or if they have one it may be filthy – all you do is fold out the change pad, lie baby down and change their diapers. You can change your child anywhere – people have used this bag and it’s built in change pad to change their baby’s diapers on the sidelines of sports fields, changing room floors, and park benches – total flexibility.

The GR8X Baby Traveller comes with an additional changing pad, which can be replaced when you have those messier changes.

The design is simple and stylish, and doesn’t look like a typical diaper bag. The back pack function allows free hands and is quite comfortable if you are carrying it for long periods of time.

The GR8X Baby Traveller is great to receive as a gift or to give to someone else as a gift.

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Joe Peterson is President of Baby Travel Planet is an authorized North American online seller of GR8X Baby Traveller Diaper Bag - the world's most versatile diaper bag.

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