Telekinesis is also known as psychokinesis or (PK), which is the moving of objects using just your mind with no other physical contact involved. This is probably the rarest ability because very few have been able to demonstrate such ability and skeptics pretty much don’t believe in it at all. However, it still generates interest and there have been a few modern studies in this phenomenon to the point that in this modern age, the term remote influencing is being used more and more instead of psychokinesis.

On the other hand, since the brain is made up of electrical impulses and objects also are made up of electrical impulse, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that this ability is innate in each of us, but it may be a type of mind power that is very difficult to access.

There have been extraordinary people though who have demonstrated that ability. One famous psychic who laid claim to psychokinetic power was a Russian woman by the name of Nina Kulagina. She demonstrated she was able to move a wide range of objects, including clock pendulums and crystal bowls and these demonstrations were captured on film.

A more modern psychic is Uri Geller, publicly demonstrated his ability to perform psychokinesis by bending spoons and keys. Not only did Geller demonstrate this ability, he showed he could do this from a distance. On one British radio show in 1973, after Geller showed off is key-bending ability to his host, he invited the audience to become involved. A few minutes later, the stations phone were ringing off the hook with people telling the host that their knives, forks etc were actually bending.

Theories on how psychokinesis works generally depend on the energy created by electromagnetic impulses or the universal life force energy that we tap into when our minds are in top form. It sometimes can happen at random, without the concentration needed to produce a bent object or throw an object across the room. Some studies suggest that large parts of physical energy can be triggered by thought power.

It has been said that poltergeist (noisy ghosts) activity could be caused by the subconscious of people under stress, generally young people or people who are experiencing severe emotional turmoil. These people, without being aware of it, cause plates to fly off shelves, books to fly off bookshelves and breaking objects breaking themselves on the floor as well as other misadventures.

Regardless how you feel about the issue, you still can have fun experimenting.
One fun way of experimenting with PK is to throw a key or spoon bending party. Invite a few friends over or if you need to entertain children, they are more open to this than many adults. Decide what it is you want to bend and make sure everyone brings one. Make it fun, but do try to get your utensil to bend by focusing your mind on the object. It is not necessary to stare at the object, just think about it. Focus your eyes on another part of a wall or something, but think of the spoon or other objects you are trying to bend.

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