Do you have Adrenal Burnout? Fatigue or even Chronic Fatigue? Is your lifestyle exhausting? Abuse is caused by false stimulants, nutritional deficiencies, and bad habits. Your adrenal glands are triangular shaped located in the small back of the kidneys, one on each side.They help you cope with stress and the fight or flight syndrome producing 30-odd hormones that your glandular system calls essentials. Some other symptoms of burnout include eyes that are sensitive to light, allergic breakouts, easily startled, skin rashes, blood pressure fluctuations, flying in a rage easily, and also hypoglycemic factors. They also help with dangers and excitement. Vitamin C also supports adrenal gland function. Most of us do not take enough of this master nutrient, which works with all of our other nutrients and helps transport them into your cells and should be taken throughout the day. Glandulars are basically protein and need the same nourishment our other bodily functions depend on. They also work with the rest of the nutrients ongoing, to avoid susceptibility to infections, and our inability to cope with all the bad stuff (diseases) trying to grab us.

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We hear so much about the stress of our adrenal glands, being under attack by free nasty radicals these days. Did you know one dental X-ray equals a free radical since you are receiving a radiation dose of 20 mrems to your jaw in less than a second? Taking Adrenal Cortex with the multi-glands by Enzymatic Therapy will offset some of the damage and helps the rest of your body handle it. All of our defense mechanisms need to be addressed, and if you like tinctures, the Adrenal Support by Natra-Bio comes in little tabs or liquid. And when your hair is standing straight and end-goose bumps are starting to form, Schizandra Adrenal Complex by Planetary Formulas, the Classic Chinese Tonic (We Zi Wan, a kidney and liver herbal, because we wouldn’t want our livers stressed) used for centuries is very helpful. Schizandra is an adaptogenic herb, meaning not only helping with the stress of the adrenals, but liver too.

Since your adrenals are the first ones to get affected when allergies strike, Twinlab or Now Foods has the Pantothenic Acid 500 mgs, and just don't take one. For big time allergies, taken with your Vitamin C is big time help. Remember do not skimp. It truly helps with sinus too. You will be amazed!

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