What would you do if you suddenly became a millionaire? Our priest posited this question to our congregation in light of the recent 25-year old victor on the popular "millionaire show" and the lottery-winning ex-football player.

What would you do? Would it make a difference in your life? Would you quit your job? Would you leave your spouse? Would you continue to worry about your financial future? While it is fun to dream about what we would do if suddenly "rich," it is important to note our answer to the above questions. What does it say about the way we make a living if we were to suddenly give it all up upon receiving "free" money? What does it say about our marriage if we would leave if we were rich enough to make it on our own?

I believe our attitudes toward our work and relationships are crucial to our happiness. If we get up every day hating our jobs or the people with whom we work, or when we awaken immediately with dread each day instead of with joy in being able to wake up and go to work, then we either need an attitude refresher or a new job. Ditto for marriage or our other relationships.

Attitude is a paradox, because it is at once the reason for and the direct result of the choices we make in life. We all have choices no matter how difficult our situations may seem. The choices are not always apparent to us in the midst of crisis, but they are always there.

If we choose to drop out of high school and get a job to buy a new car or to get married, then it should be no surprise to us when our career choices are rather limited. If we get married to someone despite the fact that we know in our hearts this person is abusive to us or is unable to commit, then we should not be surprised when we are abused or this person abandons us for another. In times of career or relationship distress, we can choose to accept the attitude of a victim: "woe is me, I have a horrible life." Or, we can choose to accept the attitude of a survivor: "I will make it despite this job and this person in my life." Better yet, how about accepting the attitude of a thrive-er: "I will go back to school or get training to get a new job" or "I will reach out to others for help in ending this abusive relationship and get on with my life."

Coaching helps healthy people move beyond survival into thrive-al. With the help of a well-trained coach, you can move beyond just surviving and start to live the life you were meant to live. Imagine a life based on joyfulness! Attitude is everything. You may not win a million dollars tomorrow, but you can start creating a million-dollar life today.

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