Sometime ago, I came across a poster with the picture of the legendary boxer Mohammed Ali having a caption IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. Little did I know at that moment that the caption was going to cause a revolution in me.

At about 2am I was jolted from sleep, and the first flash that came to me was the caption on that poster I had seen in the afternoon - IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. I became restless, and started to work on a book. Since that day till now, the caption has become my motto.
I was watching Newsline on the NTA and the story of a young man was brought forward. Interestingly, he happened to fit perfectly into that caption that had already become my motto.
He became blind when he was 9 months old after a brief illness, but he refused to allow the blindness to limit him. He was later trained as a vulcanizer. In the cause of the interview with the reporter, a perfect blind man was shown mending car tyres without assistance from anyone.
I was indeed overwhelmed by this rare feat. Here is a vocation that is difficult for able bodied men being done with dexterity by a blind man. Had I not watched it, it would have been difficult for me to believe. I did watch him jack a tyre, separate the rim from it to remove the tube so he could mend it.
Afterwards, he made his way to his pumping machine which he skillfully put on. I was thrown aback by a blind man doing that. He claimed he repairs his machine himself; that he do remove the plug and service it all alone.
Later he was shown in another office of his, where he operates a Video recording Studio. Really IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING! This man mesmerized impossibility.

John Foppe the foremost American motivational speaker, was born without hands, yet he drives, swims, uses the computer, drinks canned coke, writes, eats on the dinning table all with his legs. You need to see him in action. Visit He was in Nigeria sometime ago to speak to first Bank staff, and this year, he visited NYSC.
I don't know what looks impossible to you, but I believe impossibility does not really exist. I concur with Robert Schuler who cut-off 'impossible' from his dictionary.

No wonder the Bible says: "to him that believes all things are possible." It may not be easy; in fact, it may be difficult, but it is possible! I believe you can pass that exam. I believe you can enjoy your family life once again.
Yes, I believe that sickness called terminal can be terminated. Your business would come alive once again, because all things are possible. That job is yours notwithstanding the rejections you have experienced. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. You will make it!

It was said that Thomas Edison conducted 6,000 experiments to get the incandescent bulb you are enjoying now. Impossible is Nothing. You can still become a graduate even though you are married. Yes, you can still prosper in that business though you have lost money.
Your product can become number one in the market. You can be promoted. Your salary can be increased. You can still carry your baby notwithstanding the doctor's report. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING
The Sky is your foot mat!
See you at the top.

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