It is very appalling considering the rate at which people pass through this world without getting to know what power they carry inside of them. For some time now, I have stopped listening to news because I realize that most of what we hear read to us seems not to be good news. We hear people complaining about unemployment, people living in abject poverty and some going to the extent of committing Suicide… I have come to let you know that the best thing that can happen to you is to discover yourself and the immense power you carry within you. It is more powerful than dynamite and if only you can unleash it, it will definitely shake the whole world. People will continue to have problems if they have not realized their abilities. Unemployment, dissatisfaction and suicide will still be a rampant thing if people fail to look inward for their solutions.

I was lucky to discover myself at an early age, and from that moment on, I decided I will NEVER settle for less in my life. If you have not discover your abilities, you can at this moment just ask yourself the things that come to you naturally and you will be amazed at what you have within you. When I did this several years ago, I was amazed to discover I have so many talents that I can exploit. To me the word unemployment is like a Greek word. When people tell me of their inability to secure a job, I can’t understand at all.

If you happen not to have discovered your potentials, pick up a good book on potential discovery and you will be led through some process because I know it works. Most of the time, we take a VERY long route to improving our lives when all we need to do is to do something inexpensive such as reading.

Most people will want to improve their security by shunning up their wardrobe with certificates. They go to school every year to improve their B. Sc to M. Sc or MBA and from there to Phd. One quote I learnt some years back is: “those who don’t know themselves are forced to know too much!”… Are you forcing yourself to know too much? Knowing too much is also very expensive. You can save yourself all these expenses by just discovering yourself.

This is far less expensive and you will be amazed at the level of change that will come into your life.

This is to your Success.

Adebola A. Oni

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Adebola Oni is the Author of "The Lessons Of Life". To get a FREE copy of the life-changing book, go to: Several lives have been changed, yours shouldn't be an exception.