Something happened to me some years back that is worthy is sharing with everybody all over the world. When I started running my business, things were very tough for me to the point that I could hardly afford to have a dime on me. One of those days, I was at home and very hungry with no hope of seeing anything to munch. I tried to force myself to sleep, but I could only succeed for just thirty minutes! I was so hungry that I just couldn’t have time for my favorite past time, reading.

In another attempt to sleep, I struggled and slept for an hour or so before I woke up again. There was simply no available option for me because I was the only person at home then. At the last botched attempt to force myself to sleep, something just spurred me to look at a corner of the room and to my greatest surprise; I saw a bowl being covered. I quickly ran to where it was and unbelievably, there is enough food inside the bowl that I won’t be able to finish!

It dawned on me that that is just an important lesson of life. So many people are surrounded with all that they needed to live a worthy life but they just couldn’t open their eyes to see what they have within or around them. Instead of discovering themselves, people prefer to complain about several things militating against their progress in life. They talk about their family background, the society and circumstances beyond their control when all they could have done is self – discovery.

It is on record that man is created with about 500 abilities! When I discovered that I am created with 500 jobs inside of me I told myself I would never look for a job or be unemployed in my life. When you discover all that has been deposited within you, then you will never live a life of mediocrity like so many in the rat race. Why should you or anyone live in poverty when abundance is at your fingertips? That is a question I am yet to find an answer to and you also need to keep asking yourself this type of question.

There are so much within you that you need not complain of being unemployed. You have a huge deposit of diamond within you that it is virtually impossible for you to fail. This is the truth that you need to hold on to tenaciously in order for you to make headway in life. When you are sure of this, nothing happening around you matters. Go out and succeed, because you have SO MUCH inside of you.

To Your Success,

Adebola Oni

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