At some point, you may think of adding another child to your family. Deciding whether to expand your family with one more children is one of the most significant decisions you will make in your lifetime and you may wonder if the timing is right.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the spacing of children. Everyone has an opinion and everyone’s opinion varies widely. Some women find it great to have kids close in age and they are happy to see their kids grow up close together.

Some women find it perfect to have children spaced further apart. They believed that they could spend more time with their baby and enjoy each stage of their infancy and toddler years.
In fact, they are both opinions are right. There’s no perfect time to have another baby, but some times are definitely better than others. There are benefits for each choice. The key is to find the right timing that will fit to your family.

Here are some factors to consider when you’re trying to decide whether you’re ready to
get pregnant:

• How was your last pregnancy? You need to identify if you’re happy with the outcome of your last birth. Consider your health care and the hospital where your baby was born. If you are happy and you intend to make the same choice, then you are all set.

• How much attention do your other children need? If your time and attention is much needed by your present child, then you might find it hard to set another obligation of a new baby. It may also be hard for you to sustain your energy to cope with the physical demands of pregnancy if you’re still getting up two to three times at night with your young baby.

• How can you consider your finances when making the decision to have another baby? You may ask yourself if you can afford to have another child. You should take into consideration the expenses of pregnancy and birth. If having a baby will affect your budget and stretch it to the breaking point, you might want to postpone your pregnancy until your financial situation is better.

• Are you working or are you willing to just stay home with your child? You will need to determine if you can still afford to stay at your job or leave it in order to focus on taking care of your children.
• Is your partner ready for another baby? Making a decision for the best time to have another baby should have the consensus of the couple. Your partner should agree on your decision to add another child to the family. Both of you should not be hesitant about it.

• How is your relationship with your partner? Is your relationship on fairly solid ground right now? Your relationship with your partner should be solid and intact. FIRST, you should develop a constant communication with your partner and discuss about this matter seriously, before you come up with your final decision—to add a baby or not.

If you will carefully analyze and understand these factors, you should have a chance to weigh the possibility of adding a baby in your family, or you should have pointers to decide whether you’re ready for another baby or not.

Author's Bio: 

Sara Powell is a fertility reasearcher from Oregon with 13 years experience