We are currently experiencing a massive planetary overhaul. This means we will be looking at vast changes in the way we do business, treat illnesses, run our governments, power our homes and end our addictions.

Please consider the following: Is it loving to keep affirming and repeating that you are helpless? Is it loving to keep yourself in pain and lack? Is it loving to nourish your body and soul with things that are potentially harmful? We would all most likely answer, “No” to the above questions.

Messages in "The New Earth" and “The Secret” have been giving us glimpses of what we as beings are able to do when we line up with our spiritual base and create from love.

However, we are not creating from love when we proclaim as stated in the first step of AA, “We were powerless over alcohol, that our lives became unmanageable.” Rather we are creating from fear, giving our power to the bottle and making it the creator. We are relinquishing the fact that we, ourselves choose our addiction.

Why, in addiction recovery, would anyone keep affirming, “I am powerless...over anything?” What is stopping us from returning to our rightful power and refusing to accept the fact that we are powerful..not powerless? Have we allowed society to brainwash us into thinking that we must experience pain, suffering, pain, anger, getting sick, aging, and fear (No pain...no gain)? What if the “No pain, no gain” belief was untrue, simply a lie we have been telling ourselves to keep ourselves stuck in feeling “less than” and powerless? Who wants us to feel powerless but those who wish to control us?

WE are not powerless over our addictions and never have been. If we had been powerless that would be saying that our drugs or alcohol are stronger and more powerful than we. How absurd!

We are POWERFUL BEINGS! Compulsive behaviors and addictions are merely diversions created by us on our spiritual paths. These behaviors mesmerize us into thinking they have control over us. If we wish to release alcoholism, assorted drug dependencies, dependent relationships including co-dependency, or other unwanted behaviors like fear, pain and suffering addictions, our souls have a plan for each of us. That plan includes our willingness to return to the power that we have forfeited to things outside of ourselves...to start being responsible for everything in our lives. Being responsible means no blame...no fault, not your spouse’s, your employer’s, your children’s, your neighbor’s, your drinking or drugging.

Over 65 years ago, Bill Wilson the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, proclaimed that during one of his darkest times, “a bright light” appeared to him with the 12 Steps of AA, offering him sobriety. And since that date, millions have found help through the program! Likewise, there have been many who have walked away because they instinctively could not accept the first step.

Today, as we bask in the new energies, many people are coming to realize that they, themselves, are totally in charge of their thoughts and that those thoughts are creating their perceptions of life. Those same people know deep within their hearts that the traditional first step negates their soul power.

What if that first Step in AA was never meant to say that we were powerless over alcohol? Rather, what if Bill Wilson neglected to include a very significant word, “thought,” simply because he thought it was not important? Then the step would have read, “We thought we were powerless over alcohol--that our lives had become unmanageable.” Wouldn’t that simple revision give us back our responsibility for creating our addiction, knowing it would deter us from our path--to show us that we were sidestepping? Wouldn’t it also be the ultimate satisfaction--to recognize that we created something to know that we could recreate it to something grander?

Addictions are not wrong. There is no right and wrong to it; our addictions simply have shown us that we have choices. If we want a lifetime of not honoring our soul’s desires, that’s okay because our souls will continue bringing situations into our lives to remind us that we said we would do certain things to enhance this place when we came. After all, we are souls having a human experience!

Wouldn’t that realization help addicted people understand that they did create their addictions to show them that they really didn’t need them? Unless we experience what we don’t want, it might be difficult to see what we really do want. Once we accept that we really did call our addictions to ourselves for a higher purpose, then we can release them and the belief system surrounding them. We really can’t let go of something until we admit we have it.

We all have a divine purpose and that is to grow spiritually, make a distinct, loving contribution to this world, and realize that our thoughts are creating our lives and this planet. Many of us have neglected to use those thoughts in an empowering way. Perhaps, NOW is the time to re-empower ourselves and live in our integrity!

What if recovering person’s began to declare, “ We admitted we were powerful beings--that we created our addictions so our lives appeared to be unmanageable.” Could that change the way society looks at addictions and bring about the miracle cure we have been wanting?

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As messenger of "the next 12 Steps," Jyude Allbright offers ground breaking information in her book, Soul Steps, about addictions and how they have distracted us on our spiritual paths. Jyude helps people to see, hear and feel that powerlessness is but an illusion. www.jyudeallbright.com or www.sobersafecommunities.com