One out of six people struggle with addiction, and fortunately much has changed in terms of how we go about approaching what was such a taboo subject for so long. One of the ways we see this dramatic shift is through the many young people who speak more openly with one another about their struggles and fears, from popular online sites and blogs to television shows such as A&E's critically acclaimed series "Intervention" along with their new series "The Cleaner". "It is hard to imagine these hit shows being on the air even a decade ago," says Lee McCormick, founder of The Ranch ( "At this point in time within our culture, we can clearly see that younger people who grew up with the Web have a greater freedom with self-documentation and expression, and a place where they can open up a dialogue with one another as well as use the Internet as an invaluable resource to learn more about addiction and recovery."

At The Ranch set in Nunnelly, TN, founder Lee McCormick is seeing more and more kids who are 'traditionally speaking' in their 'carefree party days' take a step back to try and understand the pitfalls and dangers of additive behavior. In fact, more kids are finding their way to The Ranch to seek treatment and profoundly alter their beliefs and behaviors. McCormick elaborates: "This is truly a dynamic time in our culture and in the history of The Ranch which speaks highly of how we are truly waking up to the way we lead our lives and taking responsibility for our actions. Kids today seem to have more courage in terms of their reality; they have a greater awareness and a willingness to lean more toward a path of self-discovery and healing."

Founded a decade ago by Lee McCormick (and his partner Julie Norton), McCormick brings his huge spirit, knowledge, compassion and personal experience to The Ranch to help people heal and recover from addiction and compulsive behavior. What truly sets the Ranch apart is his holistic approach to recovery. The Ranch does utilize some of the more traditional 12-step treatments, but it also goes deeper. The other more innovative treatments utilized at The Ranch are equine assisted therapy, ropes and adventure therapy, sweat lodges, hiking and vision quest, medicine wheel work, team building and experiential workshops, along with the teachings of "The Four Agreements" based on the book by Don Miguel Ruiz. Set in the spectacular nature of a working cattle ranch, people who have spent time at Recovery Ranch all come to love the healing powers of the land as well.

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