I tried an experiment this week. This is my seventh blog in seven days. I originally started writing at the beginning of this week because I had something to say. It quickly became a question of how many concurrent days could I write… as one day gradually grew into seven.

Yesterday I had the thought of , “Maybe I should save this idea in case I don’t have anything to blog about tomorrow? What if I run out of ideas? I don’t want to get our community in the habit of expecting one each day and then not delivering! Oh no, what happens when I run out of topics?”

I find it fascinating how my mind sometimes works from a place of fear of the unknown and likes to live in its own little comfort zone, or make that an uncomfortable zone. When I just get out of the way the ideas pour forth. Talking with our Inspirational Luminaries each day gives me one idea after the next. Participating on Twitter and interacting with my friends and family provide even more.

So, where does this scarcity mentality of saving topics come from? Why is my first instinct that there won’t be enough? Interestingly enough, this week I found that the more I write the more ideas I have! How’s that for abundance! Writing one blog creates emotion and comments and another blog is born. Because of the overwhelming love and support of this community, you- my on-line family, this space will never be empty.

This auto pilot fear of not having enough is so unfounded. I know better. Yet, the Universe keeps giving me opportunities to work on my belief. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s time, and yes, sometimes it’s even creativity. Sometimes I have this artificial fear that I could run out. And when you think about that one, it’s almost funny. Abundance is all around us. It’s our natural state. Looking for abundance is like a fish looking for water. It’s naturally everywhere if we just trust and believe.

We almost didn’t launch InspireMeToday.com in April because I was afraid we wouldn’t have enough content and wanted 90 days of content in reserve. We launched anyway with the faith that it would come, and it has. One interview turns into a referral for three more and we grow exponentially. Had I waited until we were “secure”, we never would have launched. In taking that first step in faith, all else showed up and highlighted the abundance around us. When you perceive scarcity and move through it anyway, acting as if you have an unending supply of whatever- it ends us that you do! Belief alone paves the way for abundance.

It’s like the story of manna from heaven. Trust that you will have enough today and that tomorrow the Universe will provide exactly what you need. You’ll wake to find your world covered with abundance, manna, and realize how much time you lost by worrying about what never happened. Instead, enjoy the abundance that’s there for you each and every day. You’re swimming in it! Look around you, have faith and you’ll start to see it. It’s there for all of us.

I went to bed last night thinking about this topic for today’s blog entry and asking the Universe for a tangible sign that I was on the right track. I remembered the story of manna covering the ground from my Sunday school days. This morning when I woke, yes, you guessed it… we had our first snow overnight. The ground was covered with pure white, sparkling snow, with more dumping down on top of me. Can you tell I’m grinning as I write this?

Koda (my dog) and I are going for a walk in the abundance of life. We’re going outside to play in the snow. We’re going to celebrate the confirmation of the abundance that we are. Come with us! Go create your own wonderful day, knowing that the same abundance that surrounds me is also right there for you too. And if you feel a cool breeze or a snowflake on your cheek, that’s just us taking you with us on our walk today, and sharing the abundance of life with you. I hope you enjoy it.

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