A Business Coaching topic that comes up quite often is the proposition of starting a new business or ending the future of a current business can be an excruciating event in the life of an entrepreneur. A quote common among entrepreneurs is " Failure will never overtake me if my will to succeed is strong enough", I certainly subscribed to that line of logic and suffered for it in the end.

Old adages like winners never quit, and quitters never win, conjure up strong feelings of pride and honor among entrepreneurs and rightly so I suppose. But what if your miserable in the business your in and you just can't stand it anymore. Are you racing a three legged horse, that will never get you the purse you deserve because of a core issue? Remember a three legged horse is not only a business that is no longer profitable.

Most entrepreneurs have a list of objectives they expect their business to attain. Money is only one part and actually it's not the most important part when it comes right down to it. The sense of personal accomplishment and achievement along with a life that embodies freedom and liberty also has to rank high on the list. Entrepreneurs enjoy not having to answer to a boss and many times work for impact rather than dollars.

One of the issues with being an entrepreneur that we seem not to hear about that often, is the idea of real change. I'm not talking about adjustments to the course or taking a different line. I'm talking about jumping ship or preparing another ship to sail. Often times success in business forces the entrepreneur into a box. They become this certain figure in the community and among their peers they have a position that begins to define and constrict them.

Many entrepreneurs start a venture at a very young age and simply outgrow the business they are in. Changing economies and increased competition also can contribute to notion that perhaps a three legged horse is not only marked by unprofitability but also the lack of personal fulfilment.

Entrepreneurs, like sailors need to take the time to anchor and simply study the horizon. Ask yourself if the course your on is really taking you where you want to go. Many will find the destination we once aimed for really is no longer a relevant port of call for us.

Joe Crawford is a successful home based entrepreneur who operates a profitable home based business in personal development. He coaches motivated people who desire to earn a six figure income working from a home office.

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