“Today the problems of the world have become so complicated that they cannot be solved with a human intellect or strength. There are signs which say that God has incarnated on earth and with the help of His aides, He is steadfastly working on the program of neo-creation.”


“That God for Whom the citizens of Israel are waiting, has already incarnated on earth. When the hardships of Israelis will end, that of the world too will end.”


“India’s dawn is in the offing. India will again get the credit for spreading the message of righteousness and sacred culture in the entire world.”


“A conjunctional period of a new era has commenced from 26 December 1924 A.D. i.e. Samvat 1981 Posh Vad Amaas, Friday.”


“A Messenger of God will arrive who will change the entire face of the world by inducing valour in all laymen.”


All scholars, astrologers and great seers of the world opine that the time has come for Era Transformation. Today, the world has been engulfed by unrighteousness, lack of peace, mismanagement, injustice and illegal practices. Thus people lose hope and say, “Where is God?”. The Almighty Lord will no longer allow His beautiful world to remain in a hell like condition. Since time immemorial, the Lord has again and again incarnated on earth, so as to overcome unrighteousness in the world. Hence why will He not incarnate again today under such trying times? All futurists of the world have said in one voice that the time for world / Era Transformation has arrived. The Creator (God) of neo creation has already manifested amidst us all and has commenced this gigantic task.

Many conservative scholars say that one era is equivalent to 4 lakh, 32 thousand years. Its one leg (one fourth part) is equivalent to 1 lakh, 8 thousand years. Thus according to these Pundits the current era is in the first leg of Kaliyuga (Dark Age). Hence they say that we will have to wait for 3 lakh, 24 thousand years more for a new era to set in. This deluded viewpoint has induced a downfall in world humanity from the mental standpoint. These Pundits’ deluded stand, forces innocent Indian devotees to think wrongly. These Pundits instill fear in the minds of those Indians who believe in hard work and enterprise and like intoxicating drugs, such innocent men are converted to intellectual slaves. Scriptural precepts always have special meanings based on time and circumstances. These precepts were given wrong interpretations by dry scholars (Pundits) and thus blind beliefs prevail in India. We must realize that the original scriptural injunctions are not wrong but that they were terribly misinterpreted by so called scholars. These scriptural injunctions must be studied deeply and interpreted appropriately.

The time span of any era (Satyuga, Dwaparayuga etc.) varies in tandem with the different movements of stars, planets etc. and its influence on earth. In the Vajas Samhita, a very clear cut demarcation has been made between a Human Era and Demi-God Era (12/111). An era has been defined even in the Taitariya Samhita. In the Rigveda’s astrological chapter, Prajapati’s Brahma’s era has been described as Samvatsar as follows –

“When Brihaspati (Jupiter) passes through 12 Zodiac Signs, one era is completed. One Zodiac Sign is equivalent to 1 year. Thus the era of 12 Zodiac Signs is equal to 12 years. Thus if an era is measured on the basis of the sun or moon’s movement, the calculation will vary a great deal. Modern scientists have discovered the fact that in 11 years the inner state of the sun changes. These 11 years correspond to 1 era of the sun.

The calculation of one era corresponding to 4 lakh, 32 thousand years has been wrongly made on the basis of the sun’s circumbalution of its universe which takes 2 crore years. These 2 crore years have been classified into 4 parts i.e. 4 eras and each era thus corresponds to 4 lakh, 32 thousand years. In order to keep pace with the prevalent era calculation, smaller eras are called Antardashas. Thus people get deluded while trying to study them.

Manu Smriti (1/68-70) very clearly says –

“The eras that correspond to Brahmaji creating the world in 1 day and destroying it in 1 night is as follows : 4 thousand years and 4 thousand centuries meaning 400 years of Poorva Sandhya and 400 years of Uttar Sandhya which is equal to 4800 years of Satyuga. In the same way 3600 years of Tretayuga, 2400 years of Dwaparyuga and 1200 years of Kaliyuga can be calculated.

In the Bhavishya Khand of Harivanshpurana, these eras have too been calculated as 4800, 3600, 2400 and 1200 years. Alongwith this the conjunctional period of all these 4 eras have been given as 800, 600, 400 and 200 years. The era time span calculation of Lingapurana and Shrimad Bhagwat are very much similar to that given in Manu Smriti.

On the basis of the above calculation and keeping in mind the measure of Samvatsaras and Kalpas, the present time (2005 A.D.) is that dawn wherein Kaliyuga (Dark Age) will transform into Satyuga (Golden Age). In our ancient texts our history has been partitioned into 5 Kalpas 1) Mahat Kalpa – 109800 years before Vikram Samvat to 85800 years before Vikram Samvat 2) Hiranyagarbha Kalpa – 85800 years before Vikram Samvat to 61 8000 years before Vikram Samvat. 3) Bahya Kalpa – 618000 years before Vikram Samvat to 37800 years before Vikram Samvat 4) Padma Kalpa –37800 years before Vikram Samvat to 138000 years before Vikram Samvat 5) Varah Kalpa – 13800 years before Vikram Samvat it had started and is continuing even now.

Uptil now the Manvantaras (rule of Manus) of Svambhu Manu, Svarochish Manu, Uttam Manu, Tamas Manu, Raivat Manu, Chakhush Manu and Vaivaswat Manu of the Varah Kalpa have already passed by. Today the Antardasha of Vaivaswat and Savarni Manus is going on. Kalki Purana says that after the Manvantaras of the Savarni Manus viz. Daksha, Brahya, Dharma, Rudradeva and Indra, Savarnis of the Varah Kalpa pass by, Kalki incarnation of God will manifest on earth. After the Kalki dusk passes by, the dawn of Satyuga will manifest. Savarni Manu appeared 5737 years before Vikram Samvat commenced. It is only after Indra Svarni’s Manvantara passes by that Kalki will manifest. Thus Kalki Samvat will prevail. It will commence with Kalki’s birth one earth that is said to be around Vikram Samvat 1970. In order to know more about Kalki Samvat, King Pulakeshin asked his reputed astrologers to calculate it. From the etchings carved on rocks in a region called Ahol of South India, Kalki Samvat is said to be between 1969-1970. This proves that Kalki has already incarnated between Samvat 1969-70 for overcoming India’s Budhist influence. With reference to this, Mathura’s historical research institute (Puratan Itihas Shodh Sansthan) is very important. Its research director has accepted the facts given above and in his appeal chapter, while talking about astrological calculations, has accepted that “Today’s time i.e. about 2000 A.D. is the dark conjunctional period of Brahya’s night.”

In this manner Divine Power or Powers of Neo Creation generally manifest in the conjunctional period, because due to an envelope of darkness at such times, an intense natural turbulence occurs. Examples are earthquakes, intense cold waves, famines, storms, floods, lack of food, over population etc. Thus man’s soul experiences pain and sorrow. In order to overcome sorrow by establishing righteousness, Brahya manifests during the conjunctional period. Thus again a new management, new discipline and new thoughts are established in the world. The Lord reincarnates alongwith his divine aides in this world. At such times on the one hand there prevails unrighteousness, injustice, oppression, etc. and on the other hand they establish righteousness, culture, sacred actions, good character and good will in world humanity. Thus world peace ushers in.

In the Vana Parva of Mahabharat, this state was described thousands of years back –

“When one era ends, a new intense agitation and turbulence is seen in the world. When Moon, Sun, Posh (3rd Month of Vikram Samvat) and Jupiter will enter one particular Zodiac Sign, Satyuga or Golden Era will dawn.

After that sacred galaxies shower their grace. An increase in material comforts induces joy in everybody. People regain good health and happiness. This astrological confluence (Graha Yoga) has just taken place in the very recent past.

Two books called “Alkshak Valktmafi Marfat” and “Malabud Kablut Kayamat” found in the Hamidiya Library of Mecca says that a widespread revolution, turbulence and Era Transformation will take place in the 14th century (A.D.) In one verse of his, Surdasji with his Extra Sensory Potential writes –

“ After Samvat 1900, changes will occur in this world. After this Super Revolution the creeper of righteousness will grow in the world and for thousands of years Satyuga (Golden Era) will exist.”

“In the conjunctional period of Era Transformation, people adhering to sacred ideals will lead an exalted life and the Lord will once again establish peace, joy etc. in the world.”

The well-known Emperor of Bundelkhand, Chatrasal’s Guru, Mahatma Premanathji in his poetry says that in this era, a transformation will occur and the Lord will incarnate one earth.

In an Odiya book called “Malika”, the Greta Yogi Achyutanand talks of a Golden Era manifesting –

“As soon as the prevalent Balmukund Samvat in Orissas ends, Kaliyuga too will end. All devotees will realize this on their own.” All these calculations prove that Satyuga has already manifested and that none can obstruct it.

Editor of “Healing Life”, Father John Melard has also agreed that Era Transformation will take place –

“Today problems of the world have become so complicated that the frail human intellect cannot solve them. World peace is beyond the ken and power of human beings. Despite this none should despair because there are signs that the Lord Almighty has already incarnated on earth and alongwith His aides, is about to establish a new era of peace on earth. His intellectual prowess and soul force will prove that He indeed is an incarnation of God i.e. Avatar. This Uplifter of the world will not hide behind a veil for long.”

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