How highly do you prioritise your responsibility toward sustaining the well being of our planet, or do you bypass this issue as the concern of others than that of your own?

When you envision the state of our environment, for example, in the next 20 years, what image is it that you perceive? A world that consists of beauty and flourishing with life or a world that is dying under the prevailing threat of ill fate due to our ignorance and negligence in its preservation.

How can we explain our actions and motives toward our attitudes in caring for the planet? We believe faithfully that everything is a part of one existence. Each of us exists as a part of one infinite being and all that is, exists in us, as us.

Does this not apply in the case of the Earth? With this assumption in mind how can we possibly excuse our ignorance and selfish behaviour in respect of this?

We have no right to preach or believe in this theory if we do not practice it in its entirety.

It is the responsibility of every individual human being to partake in the restoration of the planet to provide a healthy environment for our own generation and for those generations who will follow. Who or what source have us the right to manipulate nature or the Ecological cycle to meet our own selfish demands?

It seems we have evolved into a race, thriving on human desires at the demand of our ego. Have we missed the spiritual boat! Or what?!

Ashleigh Stewart
The Free Spirit Centre

Author's Bio: 

Ashleigh Stewart, aged 22 was born and brought up in Scotland. Her studies are in Psychology and Human Geography at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Ashleigh is a natural Medium and amongst her abilities are Tarot, Crystal work and Psychometry. She is also writer for the internet site ‘The Free spirit Centre Website’

Ashleigh Stewart
The Free Spirit Centre