Sandra to God:
Dear God, I would like to know about the existence of miracles. Not about flowers growing and birds singing, but a miracle such as good health restored. Will You answer?

[Sandra has been married for many years to a man twenty-five years her senior. Her husband is now 80 and has serious heart trouble.]

I always answer.

Yes, there are the miracles such as you speak of. What seems irreversible is reversed. The blind shall see, and the lame shall walk. You understand, there has to be an underlying reason for the miracle beyond human desire.

What you really want to know is about your husband’s faltering heart.

I have some questions to ask you:

When would you be willing to relinquish your husband’s mortal body to Me? When is the time that you could say, "All right, Father, as You will."

If you wish your husband to exist in his present body forever, you are playing a game you cannot win.

Your husband represents much more to you than your husband. The stakes are higher here than your husband. It is your tug of war with Me.

Can you acknowledge that David is dear to Me? And that you are?

What is it you fear that will happen to you at the moment David leaves his body and comes ever closer to Me?

What in your life depends on his continuing to live in his body on earth?

Does it mean to you that Heaven does not exist? That I have withdrawn My love? That your husband will suffer further? That you are being punished and left bereft?

I will tell you a true story:

There were two friends in olden days. One was tired of the village in which they lived, and sought to explore other lands. His friend wanted him to stay with him in the same land in which they both presently lived.

The friend who would stay in the same place said, "Stay here. I cannot live without you."

The traveling friend laughed. "Lives entwine for a while, but they do not entangle. I take a different road from you now. This is my life, not yours. I belong to God. You and I shared many lifetimes and years together, and we will share again. Now I move on. You must stay here. But know that I take our love and wrap it in my knapsack; I will never be without your love. I leave you my love here on the mantel of our Oneness, and I wish you to wish me Godspeed on my new journey."

The friend said, "I realize I have been thinking of myself and not of you. I have been thinking of your leaving as misfortune, and you have been thinking of it as fortune. I would not keep you back from new lands.

"I thank you for all the friendship and the years we have visited with one another. I knew it was a visit all along. I knew. And now I bless you on your way. God will guide your journey. And He will guide me when you sail away. And He will love me. I know that God and you decide the time of your departure. It is not my choice.

"I trust in you, and I trust in our Heavenly Father. I thank you for your love for me and all we have shared. I am grateful. I have been blessed. I knew you. I had a friend such as you.

"I free you. I give you into the Hands that always held you.

"I give up nothing. My connection to God is not altered. My connection to God is not dependent on your human body. My love for you and yours for me is not dependent on your human body.

"I promise you that I will honor my continuing life. I will offer an altar of joy to you. You will look back at me and be pleased at how I travel my road with you in my heart.

"I keep you like a silk handkerchief in my pocket, close to my heart. I keep God as a shining star in the east, and I know I am without nothing. I am blessed with everything.

"I will carry a basket over my arm, and I will fill it with new joys of life.

"You are released. Do not worry about me, dear friend. And go with God."

Sandra, I am going to be an ever-increasing part of your life. You will come to know Me well, and now We join hands with all the readers of My words who bless you and David with their hearts and embrace you with a circle of My love like a garland of roses extending to Heaven.

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Gloria Wendroff grew up without religion or thoughts about God. No one, least of all Gloria, would have guessed that one day she would become a Godwriter™ and, through God’s words, bring thousands of people closer to God and their own hearts.

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