You visualize but it doesn't materialize.
You take full responsibility.
You have eliminated the negativity and drama.
You have the education and knowledge.
You have studied spirituality.
So why haven't you made any money?
It's because you are rowing in the wrong direction.
You keep listening to the coaches and gurus tell you that you have to strengthen your belief. You must have a big block somewhere. You must have some unseen problem that needs to come to the surface.
So, you whip out the credit card and hope this new program will help you to finally once and for all uncover that blockage...that negative belief.
Maybe you just need to learn how to leverage. Maybe it's all about understanding how your brilliance can be packaged and systematized to help you create results.
If you don't know how to "IDENTIFY the GAP" you will keep rowing backwards trying to find the rock that that is keeping you stuck.
All you need to do is to tell yourself the truth. Do you REALLY need to keep searching for some negative belief lurking in the dark or do you need to shift directions?
Let's say it really isn't about your lack of confidence or your low self-esteem. Here's a Truth Telling Navigational Device. Check off the ones that are true for you then you have probably saved yourself lots of drama and thousands of dollars.
You truly don't have the necessary skills.
You don't have the credibility yet.
You need to gain more experience.
You actually do need a certification, degree etc. to accomplish your goal.
You do not know how to delegate.
You do not delegate because you are afraid to invest the money.
You don't know how to effectively manage a team.
You spend your time making logos and power point slides when you should be marketing.
You are not leveraged.
You don't even know what leverage means.
You don't have a system or process.
You don't even know what systems or process means.
You are more committed to freedom than to working hard to make it happen.
You can probably think of a few more on your own, but knowing what is really missing is the first step to getting the help you really need.

Author's Bio: 

Marlene Chism is the founder of Stop Your Drama and the author of Success is a Given. Marlene works with spiritually-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who are in a stage of reinvention. Marlene regularly speaks about the Stop Your Drama Methods on her Signature Series Calls. To see more go to