Did you know you have over a trillion cells in your body working for you right now? All kinds of cells from brain cells to skin cells to those that make up your organs and blood. They are all part of your energetic army. Yes they are actually made of energy. We now know that the smallest unit of measure is not the atom, there are much smaller units, s small they in fact are not measurable!

So noodle this through a moment....Each cell has 1.17 volts of electrical power. (I am not making this up, scientists have pinned this down.) That means you have about one and a half trillion trillion volts of energy contained within your physical body right now. What ever your mind is thinking about, what you are focusing on and feeling is the work that they will magnify. Think of all those soldiers either working for or against what you are creating (on purpose o by accident) right now!

If you despise your job and are trying to excel at work-- it is you against one and a half trillion cells. If you are trying to lose weight without success--your one and a half trillion cells may have opposing instructions. The only way to get your soldiers working FOR you, rather than AGAINST you is to find your truth. That puts your energy behind it and those soldiers behind it. If you want to find love, but feel unworthy of a loving relationship or scared you’ll get hurt--your cells know the truth.

So be honest here. Why do you want? Really want? What do you want to be free from, to enjoy, to experience, break out of or create? When it is truth, your cells stand up at attention and put all that electricity to work for you.

I wrote Streaking for the Soul, not just to give people easy ways to feel great, but to get them questioning their personal truth. What have you been downloaded with since childhood that is not working for you anymore? I wrote The Soul Salon to give tools to uncover those truths, heal what needs to be healed and step towards the amazing life you came here to live. Whether you own these books or not, I ask you to get real about the messages you are sending your powerful army and if it is not what you want them to “fight” for, change your commands.

Author's Bio: 

Rena M. Reese is the Founder of Soul Salon International a company dedicated the physical and spiritual revivals of individuals and corporations. Rena is a author, speaker, coach and radio host who shares her message internationally. Visit her at SoulSalonInternational.com.