A Time To Retreat…

Today more than ever there is a need to retreat and come home. We can get so bogged down with the demands of life; our caretaking roles whether at home or at work, there is always something to take care of…

When is it time to take care of yourself? When does that start? Only you can choose to stop and decide that you count and deserve to treat yourself to life. What happens when we take time to do just that?

That is what Jesus did when he needed to get away from his disciples. He headed for the mountains or somewhere quiet where he could tap into God, his center, his spirituality. His teachings would not have been the same, if he chose differently.

Differently is when we get to discover our inner longing, desires… passion. When we come home to ourselves!

When I came into the holistic field my vision was to open a retreat center so when I was done with my clients, they did not have to get off my massage table and return to the world, but to linger until they were ready to leave and retreat to the world in which they lived. What I discovered as my vision continued to expand was the retreat started right here within my own heart and soul. So my practice within my own space became my retreat for me and my clients. My clients would call my space “the womb”.

To know this safety net, the womb, is to know thyself… At the onset of life there was only you and the world yet to be discovered. And then you were born and experienced all sorts of life encounters. There was the love of a freshly newborn babe. There were the many faces of family and friends that you would get to have more experiences with… Relationships, the most detrimental in our growing mental state.

It would be grand if we grew in loving relationships all the time, but we all have our wounds. Some perhaps deeper than others, but none the less they are there to build us up or tear us down., As young children we are at the beckon call of youth, being dependent on our family to keep us safe. And then we become the adults of our world knowing only what we know and pattern the same or break those patterns that do not fit or serve us any longer.

So I ask are you loving yourself? How many of us are the walking wounded? Just because you are in the Holistic field does not mean we are immune to past life stuff where we call on our ego to defend our right to our woundedness…

In today’s world with the shift that we are experiencing I believe this is our time to return to the basics that somewhere we forgot and separated from our own inner truth and desires of oneness with the Lord of Our Being… There perhaps is no greater time than now to retreat as we go through this change that will call out our greatness to succeed in a world where we remember our oneness, our uniqueness and we have the opportunity to thrive and soar high with the Eagles… It calls us to freedom to be the I Am in my life.

Author's Bio: 

Linda Mitchell is the Founder and Executive Director of the Holistic Mentorship Network & MARCI (a free Holistic Ezine with spotlight contributor Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup of the Soul). The Holistic Mentorship Network is having a retreat on June 26-28th in Highland Lakes, NY at a spiritual center that has lots of history... The Retreat "The Circles of Life" is for everyone... a time to take a breath in our busy lives and do something for ourselves...HolisticMentorshipNetwork.com