This is a season of hope. Christian faiths recognize Easter, which is the celebration of Jesus’ victory over death and mankind’s hope for eternal life. As winter departs, there is hope for the springing of new life and growth. Plants and flowers are beginning to pop out of the ground. The crocus is blooming already. Animal life is beginning to stir and the hare – better known as the Easter bunny – will soon be giving birth to large litters of rabbits. Birds are more visible and will soon be building nests to lay their eggs. Humans come out of winter hibernation, tired of being cooped up and also look to spring forth – walk on some grass, play outside and dig in the dirt.

In this season of renewal and hope for life – the real place of renewal is in the human spirit. Christians consider Easter a re-birth. Springtime is considered an awakening from a long winter’s nap. Both of these signal a new beginning, a fresh start, an opportunity to create new life.

Our Easter awakening can become an awakening to spirit – that lives in us and through us. The loving energy of spirit is the most powerful energy in the universe. It is wondrous, magical and unites us with everything and all that is.

To connect to spirit requires that we stop in the moment to notice and appreciate what is in front of us. It is a walk with a friend at sunset, a fresh strawberry, one single red rose, snow on cedars, or a belly laugh. It also requires a sense of gratitude for everyday people and experiences – facing each day as a gift to be enjoyed. Sometimes it means that in the hustle of life we stop to be quiet, to reflect, to heal or to pray. Spirit renews and gives to us the gift of hope.

I.M. Heart is about connecting to spirit. This connection to spirit comes through an open heart. Spirit is love – we are love – we are one with spirit. Imagine that inside us is a bright golden beam of light. The light is always there – no matter what we think, feel or do. This is the light of spirit. It is our solace in the storms of life, a friend and companion, or that small quiet voice giving us wise advice. It is that gut feeling or intuition that proves to be right. Spirit has always been there for us and it will always be there.

Connecting to spirit puts us in touch with our own feelings. This means being aware of our full range of feeling – noticing and accepting the ugly, gnarly, grimy ones as well as the happy, warm, fuzzy ones. The benefit for us is in knowing ourselves so that we can heal those that hurt or are fearful and be more kind, compassionate and loving to ourselves. When we open our heart to heal, we can be free to accept and love ourselves. Our hope is in healing.

Hope is a big deal! It is an abiding sense of faith, expectation and perseverance. It is a belief in a positive outcome for the future – yet unknown, but much anticipated. Hope may be expressed in a wish or prayer, a plan or idea, a dream or vision. It is the anchor that helps us to stand through the storms of life.

In this season of hope – I.M. Heart wishes you much love, many blessings, and an abundance of miracles! May your blessings include a chocolate bunny!!

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The focus of Sue McDaniel's career has been in education, teaching, and state government. She has traveled nationally and internationally as a speaker and consultant on management and communication topics. At the state level, she is a speaker on personal growth topics. During her tenure as Executive Director of the Missouri Women’s Council, she spoke to numerous college classes, women’s groups and state government conferences about the power of personal growth and change. I.M. Heart was published in November 2007, by Alternatives.