A Small Change Can Make a BIG Difference

All the talk about the economic climate at present, both in the UK and around the world, is of doom and gloom. It even appears to be heading towards some degree of that dreaded ‘R’ word, recession. My immediate response is challenge!

“In the middle of every difficulty comes opportunity”- Albert Einstein.

People’s actions are often paralysed because of fear. They never start something because the task seems impossible, too distant, out of reach or too expensive. Actually, in order to achieve our goals we need to reverse this because:

“Action conquers fear” - Peter Zarlenga.

Remember, the only way we can eat an elephant is one small bite at a time!

Here at Leadership Management UK we help people to focus on what we call the Slight Edge. You may also know this as the competitive edge. Even a 1% difference can be massive in terms of pay back and results. Tiger Woods, the Number One golfer in the world has a Slight Edge over Justin Rose, a less known but very capable British golfer.

The Slight Edge statistics are:

Tiger Woods was 1st on the United States of America golf tour in 2007, while Justin Rose was 19th
* Tiger Woods' average number of shots per round was 67.69, while the average of Justin Rose' round was 69.30 - just under 2 shots per round
* They both played in a total of 16 tournaments and completed 63 rounds

The difference in prize money was:

Justin earned a mere $2.7 million, Tiger earned $10.8 million!
* A difference of $8.1 million dollars. If you were Justin Rose, would you be looking to see how you could improve your round by 1.6 shots!

Can you think of a 1% difference you can make that would bring you significant results?

Remember - Success is a journey, not a destination.

Author's Bio: 

Neale joined LMI-UK having previously held an extremely successful senior manager position with a large international corporation. For over 25 years he gained significant experience and expertise in such areas of the organisation as Retail, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, and Business Consultancy. During this time Neale led teams of up to 500 reportees.

Since transferring his knowledge and skills of developing people into a full time business, Neale has achieved both national and international recognition with LMI-UK for his successes with small, medium, and large organisations. He prides himself on gaining outstanding business results both with and for his many clients.