Feng Shui has many definitions, and my simplest descriptors are:

• The process of maximizing our experience of an environment
• An environment that feels safe and secure.

There are several environments: Mind, body, home, work, relationships, mode of transportation, and so on. When it comes to the mind, body, and relationships - there’s input and output; in other words, positive thoughts and actions attract positive reactions. When it comes to love, being in love, and having others share our experience of it, Feng Shui is definitely a tool for your toolbox.

There are many types of Feng Shui. What most people think of when discussing marriage is the “love” or “marriage” area. That’s Western (Black Sect) Feng Shui. Some of what we’ll cover below applies to Western Feng Shui, and some of it does not.

We’re focusing on classic Feng Shui, which goes beyond a love or marriage area. In this approach, all areas affect love and marriage. As an example, the NW of a church, reception hall, or your home affects the head male. The SW affects the head female. North affects communication, South affects the heart, and so on. Because all areas affect love, and if you are blending a family, certain directions (and the energies there) affect children.

Classic Feng Shui works holistically and is more thorough. If any area is out of balance, love and/or marriage can be undermined. If there’s separation or divorce energy, it needs to be managed. If there’s affair energy, that also needs to be managed.

People have asked me for years how to maximize their engagements, weddings, honeymoons, and homes. This article provides a few useful ideas. The top six tips are listed here. There’s more detail provided later.

As you’ll read below, there are several considerations during your preplanning phase. Timing (date selection) is the number one tip as it has a ripple effect. Events that start on a good energy day are more inclined to stand the test of time.

2.The Wedding Party
Honor people’s personal energies and make the experience a win/win for everyone.

3.The Wedding Experience
Communication equals satisfaction. Create a plan; enroll others to help, then work the plan.

4.The Honeymoon
Select a location that supports both of you (based on tip number two). When you do this, pleasure and relaxation are enhanced.

5.Your Home
A Feng Shui consultation of your home is a gift that keeps on giving. The analysis produces an action plan which then can be addressed with your gift registry (remedies that may be needed). Ask for the right start to support your relationship, health, and success in life.

Similar to Feng Shui, life is a journey not a destination. You’re starting a life together. Remember to close each day by reflecting on what you’re grateful for. Even when there’s a breakdown, it leads to a breakthrough.

For preplanning, keep these additional tips in mind:

• It is said that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Regarding a date analysis, some people advise just on “wedding” dates. Some advise based on your Western-astrology birth date. Here again, our analysis is more complex and thorough. We consider dozens of factors so you can schedule with confidence (engagement, applying for your marriage license, travel dates for guests, when to have the wedding, time to start the ceremony, when to sign contracts, when to make deposits on services, when to have the reception, travel dates for the honeymoon, moving dates, etc.).

• Your ring’s design can be influenced with Feng Shui. One example is if you are an earth person and your partner is fire; earth is yellow, tan, brown, and square; fire is red, pink, purple, and triangle. You might select a ring with a square diamond in the center and triangle diamonds (or red gems) on the side.

• An eco-friendly approach could be rings with recycled or labor-free metals or gems. It’s always a good idea to have your rings cleansed before wearing them. Cleansing (or clearing) jewelry goes beyond freeing them of dirt. It’s a process of ridding them of energies. A ring that someone else tried on or wore has their energy. If the stone cutter (or person who sized the ring) was upset, that energy is in the ring.

• Ensure the location of the engagement party has good energy. If it doesn’t, there’s usually something that can be done.

• Location-site analyses for the wedding ceremony and reception hall are very important. Even when there’s strong negative energy, there’s typically a simple solution (and temporary since you don’t own the site). Keep in mind that good Feng Shui should be felt not seen. There should not be obvious trinkets or statues around.

• Consider having the ceremony and reception at eco-friendly sites (earth and animal friendly). Use eco-friendly materials and decorations. At one wedding, instead of throwing rice we used grass and flower seeds. At another wedding instead of purchasing flowers, guests brought flowers to match the color scheme. Their originality was amazing (added to guests’ forethought and fun) and some were even home grown.

• Establish and follow a budget. Avoid shock and remorse that can diminish the after glow. Local vendors are an eco-friendly approach because they not only cost less, it’s better for the environment.

• Regarding photography, go digital. Upload the pictures to a website where people can purchase the ones that mean the most to them. It makes a difference when people are buying it themselves (versus an open pocket book). You can always choose to ‘gift’ them a picture or two.

• Explore an organic menu with your caterer. Again, that usually means locally-grown food which helps local farmers.

• The cake, like your rings, can be Feng Shui’d according to you and your partner’s energies.

Let’s explore the wedding party in more detail:

• The bride and groom each have their own energy based on birth date, time of birth, and location of birth. We want to honor your energies in everything we do (invitations, wedding colors, wedding attire, site selections, standing positions during the ceremony, food choices, gifts, music, seating selections, location of honeymoon, and we already mentioned rings and the cake).

• The bride and groom’s energy also determines their compatibility. Sometimes we choose partners with similar likes, and sometimes we choose partners that require more work. It doesn’t mean it won’t work, it just requires more work. Feng Shui helps to smooth rough edges. In one case, dates were particularly challenging. Their elements were opposite so what was good for her wasn’t good for him. The scope of the analysis (because of the complexity) required a search for each day over a two-year span, and then only produced five dates to work with. It was well worth the research!

• Also, when it comes to communication -- strengths and weaknesses are identified. Then we can choose to acknowledge strengths and develop our weaknesses. This is key component for a long-term relationship.

• The bride and groom’s energy determine their individual sleeping directions. If they are opposite, a compromise process begins. Their energy also relates to their choice of home and whether they are undermined or supported.

• The bride and/or groom’s attire is a factor. An eco-friendly approach might be a pre-owned or inherited garment. In this case, a cleansing is in order.

• The wedding-party’s attire is another consideration. If (based on their individual energies) most of the party is fire (as an example), we may want to downplay the color red.

• When it comes to gifts for the wedding party, you can select gifts that compliment their personal energy; or you can simplify it even more … give them environmental donations (trees planted in their name, stars named after them, etc.).

Regarding the wedding experience:

• A wedding or reception location that has an excess of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) or geopathic stress can agitate people. Tempers flaring or people seeking excess during your special day are not pleasant experiences. Minimize these effects to be present to the joy and harmony this day reflects.

• If you plan to have an outside reception, flow and set up can be enhanced.

On the topic of the honeymoon, you know by now that timing, location, fun and relaxation are a dynamite combination. In one case, we helped a couple overt a typhoon!

As was mentioned, your home can undermine your relationship, health, and success; or improve them. Instead of items that go on a shelf for use once in a while, your gifts could manifest a better future. Now that’s a great gift!

If, at this point, you’re thinking there’s too much to deal with … Feng Shui actually simplifies the process. It is our job to figure out details and present you with a plan of action. We hear, time and time again, this saved clients time, effort, and money. Do it right the first time and everyone benefits.

In conclusion, let’s refer back to the above Feng Shui definitions. You’ve set the stage for you and your partner, the wedding party, and your guests to maximize the experience … things flow more smoothly. There are fewer financial or emotional surprises to react to, fewer delays or cancellations, fewer conflicts in general. Actions are more purposeful (efficient and effective) which translates to less stress and more enjoyment. After all, that’s why you’re sharing your wedding in the first place.

Author's Bio: 

Diana Garber is an energy and risk-management specialist. Her repertoire includes disaster recovery and business continuity for the NY terrorist attack, Louisiana hurricanes, and Y2K.
Diana’s experience and work with Fortune 100 companies is unique, and sets her apart as an international consultant, speaker, author, and seasoned program manager.

She’s also a Feng Shui expert with nearly 30 years experience, and utilizes over a dozen sciences to evaluate influences such as electromagnetic currents, geopathic stress, and other factors internal and external to one's living and working environments. Her objective is to mitigate risks for occupants, the buildings they inhabit, and the land they occupy in order to improve their professional and personal lives (i.e., productivity, teamwork, wellness, morale, and prosperity).