A Pure Heart - What is it really?

For many years I thought a pure heart was a person who felt no negatives, no hurt for another, no ill feelings, no selfishness, no impure thoughts. I thought it was an individual who only held the highest love, felt the highest and grandest feelings within and that only good qualities lived in a person with a pure heart.

Today I share with you the truth from my heart to yours. Today I was told by another that I had a pure heart ... something I never considered myself to have. If you could have heard her words, it would have brought tears to your eyes as it did mine. But what is most important is what I realized and I hope it will help you see the beauty in yourself and the Love awaiting you in your heart. You see, my heart is no more pure than hers or yours or anyone's ... and those that I see with a pure heart have no more pure in their heart than yours or mine. It was what she saw in my expression that was pure.

You see, I consider myself a very selfish person actually, but when selfishness rises in me, I choose otherwise, it is never outwardly expressed. I control that part in me so it does not come out, it is not shown. That is all. That is the only difference between me and one who outwardly chooses and expresses selfishness.

So many of you are out there trying to release things, there is truly nothing to release ... there is only acting on or not acting on. If a negative didn't rise in you ... how could you choose the opposite? These are not bad things ... they are beautiful for they show us the way to the Loving choices available to us.

You see, a pure heart comes from a person who makes an individual choice as to what to act on and what not to. They have the same things and issues rise in them as everyone else on the planet ... selfishness, ill feelings, hurts and negative qualities. But it is "their choice" ... the choice of which qualities they choose to express out of their beingness. When one chooses to only express the grandest qualities ... they appear to all others as being pure, and in all actuality ... they are. For they have won the battle within to express their Divinity. Others will even argue with them, trying to show their pure heart to them and how they are different, but they are not different … it was their pure choice. This is truth.

A thing rises in us ... it is either a grand thing or a not so grand thing or anything in-between. Normally we re-act on whatever it is. Create a warrior of Love within yourself. The next time something rises in you ... let Love examine it before you re-act on it. Ask yourself ... "Is this who I want to be?" If not, thank your warrior within for holding this while you pondered it, thank the thing that rose in you for showing you a lesser expression of yourself, and then choose a grander expression with that knowledge in heart. And when you least expect it, someone will walk up to you and tell you ..."You have a beautiful heart."

Written by Unity - © Counselor of the Heart
Author of: “Through the Eyes of the Heart”.

Author's Bio: 

Unity is a Counselor of the Heart and life coach. As a spiritual teacher and mentor, she reveals the Light of Truth in service to those who are seeking a more fulfilling life.

During her thirteen year stay in the Ozark Mountains she gathered together the wisdom she gained throughout her lifetime and wrote "Through the Eyes of the Heart" ... a unique book teaching 'The Divine Connection'. Join your deepest knowing with your true feelings and experience a powerful spiritual awakening. Enter the depths of your own heart and feel the truth about life and yourself.