The new and improved SpiderWebMarketing System has given us all a facelift in Web Marketing!

The 100% Free Web Marketing System that provides live webinars every week. There is plenty of online video content that teaches you all the steps necessary to do exactly what I did with Mr Kimball Roundy’s Spider Marketing System!

Yes, I joined SpiderWebMarketing in April 2008 and what this amazing system has done for my business in my first year is beyond words. I started by signing up Free and immediately started promoting the marketing and web site Custom Capture pages created within the system. In a few short weeks, I had hundreds of new Leads that started converting to paying web customers from the multiple streams of income inherent in The SpiderWeb System.

I already had a huge organization in Global Domains International (GDI), and before I was going to introduce SpiderWebMarketing to them, I wanted to make sure that the business was ethical and that the owner(s) had integrity. So, I proceeded to search for answers. I wanted any kind of contact information I could find as well as any feedback from people who had been using the system.

In the first week, I managed to contact the founder, Mr Kimball Roundy. I was instantly impressed because in many online businesses, you cannot even find the owners, let alone speak with them. In my first impression he demonstrated courtesy, helpfulness, excitement and belief!

One of my concerns, right from the beginning, was that in Web Marketing, when a business is still in BETA, as was The SpiderWeb System, there were many bugs and issues that needed resolving. Kimball handled them with grace and professionalism and many times, over and above the call of duty.

I helped Kimball discover many of the ‘Pre-Launch’ bugs. He and I became friends over a few months and I was honored when he asked me to write the 22 Autoresponder Lead/Member Follow-up Spider Marketing System letters that he uploaded into the System!

Yes, SpiderWebMarketing has proven to be one of the best Marketing Systems on the planet. I can honestly say that because they have proven themselves in the world of marketing and web site promotion. The Bottom Line — Many members in my GDI organization are living proof of the success of the all-powerful SpiderWebSystem!

SpiderWeb has been given a facelift in Web Marketing with ALL NEW Capture Pages!


I am proud to be associated with Kimball Roundy, who I consider to be a clear expert In Web Marketing.

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