In September 2006 there was a partial Eclipse of the Moon September 7th in Pisces as well as an Annular Eclipse of the Sun, September 22, in Virgo. On the same day of this September 22nd Solar Eclipse, the Sun also entered the sign of Libra on the 2006 Autumnal Equinox.

After the end of this particular Solar Eclipse on September 22, 2006, I had a vision of something that I really never expected to see during this cycle. That vision was of a balance occurring between the light and the dark. Though spirit had shared with me that this balance was to take place during my lifetime, I was still surprised to see it happen.

Due to all the violence that is currently taking place on the planet and with so many governments in trouble, I thought that we were probably in a downward spiral that we would not see ending any time soon. So you can imagine my amazement and joy to see the Yin and Yang actually come into balance. I pondered the meaning of what I saw and what it will mean to the future of the planet and our universe.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses have always brought great energetic changes to the forcefields of Earth and her inhabitants. Weather changes are massively affected by eclipses that often produce changes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, sunamis and volcanic activity.

As light workers, we often receive channeled messages during such times such as these, telling us to clear up and deal with any old patterns and baggage we may be carrying. We understand that this is a time to do Sacred Ceremonies, and use Invocations and Prayers to create and manifest energy for the good of the future.

The older souls who have awakened and become aware of themselves as energy and light workers have wanted such a balance restored to the planet, her peoples and species for centuries, maybe even eons, of time. This balance has been prophesied since information has been written. Since we all know that it is the powers of light and dark that rule the planet and her peoples we also know that the light and darkness both come from the Divine Central sun of Light or the Source of all life and light. Others refer to this energy as God, Goddess, All that is. From this Central Sun of light comes all manifested worlds and creations of life in the Universe, Cosmos and beyond.

Since the beginning of conscious intelligence on this planet, there has been the need for both the light and dark to exist simultaneously. One cannot exist without the other. Without darkness there would be no light and without light there would be darkness. These two interconnected forces bring us great understanding of life and self so that we can use them as tools to reach even greater states of consciousness and awareness. We use them to learn of the afterlife, the spirit worlds, the heavenly realms and the Archetypes who dwell within them.

We need both the daylight and the night to grow and sustain ourselves as well as the many other species of animal and plant that live on earth as well. Cosmically, the light and dark are our mother and father, the anima and the animas. The male and the female, the positive and negative changes needed to sustain life on this planet.

So what does it mean that they are now in balance with one another? It means that those things that we thought could not change will now to able to find the opportunity to change for the better. Balance allows for the consciousness of mankind to actually become aware of the love essence in life and decide to bring about peace and harmony and sharing, on a grand scale. We will now see world governments changing for the better of the whole, and we will see a major emphasis put forward to end starvation and sickness upon the planet. We will find alternative fuels and also learn to make everything recyclable and we will begin to save the environment and the atmosphere of this wonderful planet earth.

This balance heralds into play the New World order of kindness, awareness and understanding for all rather than the dominant force of power and greed that has ruled for so many centuries past. This new balance will be a powerful player in what people are able to see and learn for themselves through their own individual desires. In a manner of speaking it brings God closer to the hearts and minds of humans than anytime previously known throughout history.

With the year 2012 being the year predicted as the end of the world, as we know it, there is but six years of time for us to turn what appears to be manure into a beautiful bed of flowers. Though I realize that some may consider themselves to be individuals separated from the whole, I assure you that we all have a role to play.

As lightworkers we have changed the energies of our own planet by bringing in more and more of the Cosmic and Divine energies over time. This has been a feat that has extended since the fall of Atlantis. Many of us have been here lifetime after lifetime hoping and helping to restore a balance we once saw and knew to be the middle road of enlightenment. Without awareness, enlightenment, and spiritual evolution, nothing in the physical realm has purpose or meaning in the long term. The fall from grace that took place during the Atlantian times has produced the imbalance that we have abided by since then. We now have the opportunity to restore the pathways needed for the many to remember where they came from.

As a community of human beings we begin to find ourselves overpopulated due to the fact that the ascension process has been terribly limited by the beliefs that humans hold about their own spiritual evolution. As a result the greatest amount of human beings that have been dying simply return immediately to the earth plane. Because of this, they learn little or nothing of the afterlife and the spiritual evolutionary process. Due to the many ingrained beliefs that religions have taught to dominate what exists in the afterlife, when the ordinary person dies, he or she has no hope of evolving beyond the physical as they are simply too attached to the lies and propaganda they have accepted as truth.

It is important that more and more souls choose to move beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary. Understanding the cycle of death and rebirth is mandatory for the spiritual ascension process to continue to help to teach others in body. The avatars have been teaching the great mysteries of life and death for centuries and yet so many still believe in only one life and one death. Yet every day we are reborn anew with new life and the opportunity to change and grow beyond our old perceptions of truth.

Each of us has a role to play in the unfoldment of the future of this planet, star system, and universe. It can be as simple as being the role model and inspiration for someone else. Sharing kindness and love, recycling and helping to produce clean air for everyone to breathe. Going within daily and connecting yourself to higher and purer frequencies and aligning to your own higher and spiritual purpose in this lifetime. Connecting to your own soul and spirit conscious awareness and developing these with most rigorous care and appreciation of the Divine light of life you hold within.

True forgiveness, acceptance and allowing must be learned and taught to others as a way of being and experiencing life. This is the unconditional awareness of love that has been lost over time and tread underneath the lie of daily survival like unwanted garbage. Just as a family must find ways to work and live together so must we as the planet species work towards such goals. If each person who is a position of being able and aware of finding harmony and balance within simply makes the choice and then follows through, this will allow a whole new spectrum of evolution to happen globally. For too long now grudges have been held by cultures, religious factions and government dominance. Prejudice must be healed and replaced with compassion, awareness and understanding.

We are all not privileged individuals like so many in America and other developed countries try to believe. It is horrific what daily torture; war and starvation do so many individual souls simply because of ignorance and fear. These two things, ignorance and fear have dominated the lives of way too many for centuries of time. The light and dark coming into balance will allow the world as a whole to work from a premise of love and awareness and tolerance rather than prejudice, greed and fear.
There is so much healing that needs to be done for humankind on a soul level to turn the ascension process around and show the way to the lost and desperate. We should take pride in this wonderful opportunity to assist the whole and the Divine light in what has been a tough uphill and arduous battle for salvation of soul awareness.

There are so many of you who have held your ground even in the face of your greatest doubts and still persevered to become and evolve. To you I say thanks, and may you now reap what you have sown.

Author's Bio: 

Athene Raefiel is continually a messenger of Light and Love for so many in the Great Brotherhoods of Light. She is a teacher of Mysticism and Enlightenment as well as a Clairvoyant who has dedicated her life to spiritual growth.