For many people, there is still a disconnect between physical, mental and spiritual health. Western medicine and culture teaches us to see the body as separate from emotions and the brain as separate from the spirit. Some people are intuitively aware this doesn’t make sense-they have experienced the effect of the physical state on emotions and the impact of emotions on the body.

In the last decade, neuroscientists and others have started to recognize the interrelatedness of these systems and are currently conducting several brain-body-emotion studies.
With this current awareness of the body-mind-spirit connection, the 5 year old practice of NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is quickly growing in popularity.

A powerful system of healing, NMT, developed by Dr. Leslie Feinberg, is based on a merging of Western science and traditional Chinese medicine. The primary goal of NMT is to re-establish the body’s own capacity to heal and, by use of this concept, all forms of illness and malaise can be instantaneously improved and often completely resolved.

“When illness happens, it’s typically a result of factors that confuse the body’s internal control center, the Autonomic Control System (ACS),” explains NMT practitioner and Smithson Clinic founder, Gail Smithson. The ACS is an unconscious, automatic system in the body, controlling the vital functions of blood flow, breath, digestion, etc… While we are not aware of the ACS or the mechanisms it regulates, errors in its communication create drastic effects on overall health and well-being. “When the ACS experiences confusion, it becomes impossible to regulate the body to a healthy state,” Smithson affirms. Factors affecting the ACS include allergies, toxic agents, confusion in the autonomic nervous system, environmental chemicals, and also, emotional patterns of reacting set in the body, based on past experience and family patterns.

NMT works by utilizing verbal and/or non-verbal questions and statements to communicate with the ACS while testing for muscle response - since the ACS does not control speech, muscle testing provides an accurate and easy method of understanding the body’s response to NMT queries. “After accessing the ACS, we can measure the faults responsible for illness or malaise. The ACS is then instructed to make modifications with the use of clinical-protocol corrective commands and statements,” continues Smithson. This process is further reinforced with gentle tapping on the spine, specific breathing patterns and other sensory stimuli.

Stemming from recognized principles in neurophysiology, physiology, psychology, Chinese medicine, linguistics and anatomy, the therapeutic effects of NMT on the ACS have been scientifically documented with galvanic skin response and heart rate variability scanning. Classic orthopedic and neurological tests clearly demonstrate the effects of NMT, changing from positive-pain at first examination to negative-pain at the end of treatment, even though no chiropractic or physical therapy care has taken place.

This technique treats any form of illness provoked by faults in the function of the ACS. This list includes all allergies, chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, IBS and gastric reflux disease, infectious disease processes, colds and flu, all autoimmune diseases, acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, addictions and emotional, psychological and sensory-motor neurological disturbances. Conditions not responding to drugs, exercise or physical therapy typically respond well to NMT. Even the most difficult of such conditions usually show improvement within six to twelve visits - in fact, many people with ‘incurable’ diseases have responded positively to NMT and patients are often startled by how rapidly and completely their problem diminishes.

Because NMT is non-invasive and completely pain-free, anyone experiencing physical or emotional discord is a great candidate for treatment. Newborns to seniors will benefit from this gentle yet powerful technique.

Author's Bio: 

H. Gail Smithson, LAc is state licensed and board certified (National Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. He has extensive additional training in energy techniques, including Body Restoration Technique (BRT), JMT Technique and NeuroModulation Technique. He has been practicing Vipassana meditation for over 30 years, a form of meditation that blends body sensations with awareness practices. It was as a result of his meditation practice that Gail became interested in Chinese Medicine and energy techniques. He is a gentle and caring practitioner, committed to health and wellness. To this end, he blends many approaches, working with you and the wisdom of your body to find the most effective treatments.