A series of good decisions can override a history of bad ones; luckily for us, each new day brings opportunities for success. Even someone who is successful and has a record of good decisions can be plagued by problems. It's normal. And, it is easy to get depressed or stuck in a series of negative events. Maybe your career seems stagnant; or even worse, you're faced with a downsizing or divorce, you have some health issues, a family member isn't doing well - or finally, you just don't seem do be reaching the goals you had thought were in the bank. So much for negatives; the good news is, it is absolutely never too late to rework your plan!

The reason we are here is to encourage people to take control of their own destinies and take on self growth in order to improve in some way or another. You can put the past where it belongs, in the past, and begin fresh with confidence; this is proven over and over again by humans who have done so in the face of adversity! How did they manage this? Surely some were helped by others, but the key and the common factor that all of them definitely shared was an Inner Commitment to Succeed (ICS). "I 'See' Success." Anyone can do it. This is a matter of visualizing yourself where and what you want to be. If you perform this step honestly, and with reality in mind as you plan, you're on your way to exciting personal growth!

A favorite thing we like to incorporate into our site (and our audio) is the planting of "seeds of success" -SOS- in your subconscious mind. These seeds are all positive in nature and designed to become more prominent in your thoughts and behavior as time passes. One example of a subliminal, verbal message we like to plant: "I feel better and more in control every day." This particular affirmation (and variations of it) is useful across the entire array of self help categories. After thoughts like this have been repeated enough, particularly during a suggestible state of mind, subjects begin to believe them at a deep, unconscious level - and then the positive mindset begins to work its magic! It becomes a visible part of behavior and attitude.

Of course nothing worth achieving is easy, but that makes it much more gratifying when you finally do start experiencing the fruits of your efforts. Aim high, stretch yourself, never give up; all well known affirmations a' la Donald Trump, Tony Robbins and scores of other motivators. Adjust your environment; separate yourself from negative influences; and lastly, plan your attack and attack your plan. "I can step back mentally and see the big picture." Always observe things from different perspectives, different angles. Some people are able to do this to a high degree, finding thought patterns that can even separate them from physical pain! The subconscious mind is so powerful that we can effectively transform ourselves by willing it so. Successful people often like to share their methods with the world - the snippets mentioned above seem to be common to nearly all of them. Any plan, however difficult, is always composed of small, manageable steps. Stick to your plan and you'll surely start seeing small victories - which will fuel your ambition to continue!

Author's Bio: 

…the author is a displaced aerospace engineer who, with his wife Elena, owns and operates the Sprudio; a self-growth oriented audio studio in Southern California.