This is the time of year when life gets very busy, and we find ourselves rushing around doing holiday shopping, decorating our homes, and hosting and attending parties. All of this occurs when the change of seasons beckons us to retreat inward, to connect to Source, and to become quiet. The holiday season can be especially hectic for parents of children with special needs. Lately parents have been telling me stories of how their children are showing extra resistance to the hustle and bustle that the holidays bring. Their behaviors can be frustrating when you're trying to shop for what seem like a million relatives, buy and trim the tree, bake cookies, and find a new dress for that New Year's party you don't really want to go to anyway.

If you look at the situation from your child's viewpoint, you may just come away with a fresh, new perspective on the whole holiday thing. I believe that the "New Children," those that have arrived with exquisite sensitivities, many having been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Bipolar, and Sensory Integration Disorder, have their priorities in order. They know on some level that it's all a hype; that we adults are all running in circles on our "hamster wheels of life", not moving forward or living a life of true meaning. They would rather tip their heads back and look at the snowflakes falling, stay inside with family, or just watch the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree.

If you had no true obligations, isn’t that what you would do, too? It’s time to take a good look at what our priorities are and begin to balance this "being" vs. "doing"? I saw a cartoon in today's paper that I want to share with you. The little girl is obviously one of the "New Children" who have a bigger picture in mind. It reminds me of the reason for the season, and the "New Child" that changed the world just by being born. It shows a little girl sitting on Santa's lap. Santa says, "Weren't you just here last week?" The little girl says, "Yes, and I've been watching the news. How's that world peace I asked for coming along?"

When I need to shift my energy, I often ask for spiritual assistance. When I find that I am consistently doing too much and need to rebalance and get a better perspective on life, I invoke the help of Archangel Chamuel. Archangel Chamuel, whose name means "he who sees God," is the leader of the angels who oversee the protection of the world from negative influences. Chamuel oversees the seventh energy center; the realm of light, power, and energy. Chamuel ministers to people who are real "movers and shakers," strongly goal oriented people who get things done. Because of their high energy levels, they tend to overdo it at times and may have difficulty relaxing. Does this sound like you; especially at this time of the year? 

If you have recently been taking on too much and need to rebalance  your energy, you can invoke Chamuel's help by saying, "Archangel Chamuel,  please help me to rebalance my energy. Help me to embrace the state of 'being' just as much as the state of 'doing'. Relax my body and my mind and help me to find a sense of peace in my current situation. Thank you, Archangel Chamuel." Try it and then pay attention to the signs you receive throughout your day that offer you opportunities for rebalancing. Also, pay special attention to your children and how they are responding to the season and its activities. You just may receive an unexpected gift this year!

Wishing you a holiday season filled with peace and joy!

Author's Bio: 

Mary Riposo received her PhD in Child and Family Studies from Syracuse University. She is a NY State Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified School Psychologist. Mary is an Usui, Karuna, and Shamballa Reiki Master/Teacher, Polarity Therapist, Soul Realignment Practitioner, and Divinely Guided Life Coach. Her businesses include the Center for Integrated Energy Healing and Alternative Autism Solutions. She has written a book, "Using Reiki with Children: A Guide for Parents and Professionals," which is available through her website. For more information, go to or