Imagine that you have a separate ring of keys that unlock the secrets to your individual health issues. These are invisible keys that have been given to you at birth and that you have been instructed to use often and not to lose. You have also been instructed that the keys open a labyrinth of rooms and each lock is very simply designed and can easily open, but there are no shortcuts to opening the doors.

The key of forgiveness is a special one and is actually one of the master keys. This key is meant to give forward movement in our lives and if we misplace this key or allow it to rust from lack of use we are like an overstuffed garbage can.


We are full of negative emotions, past traumas, resentment, anger, fear and many other destructive patterns that have been locked inside our bodies. These issues begin early in our lives and they are the building blocks to our individual labyrinth. Not one of us has the same experience or reaction to a situation and when we respond by stuffing things down or by ignoring issues we are locking another door to another room.

Our bodies are not meant to keep all of our issues locked up inside to the point of explosion. By holding in our pent up emotions; sadness, fear, anger, resentment we are not conducting proper maintenance. The signs of wear begin to show outwardly if we aren’t vigilant about forgiveness. The signs could be cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder is a common one and numerous other maladies that plague the body.


Each cell where the issue is stored is a room in the labyrinth and can be unlocked by the forgiveness key. One caution about forgiveness is that forgiving the person or situation once may not unlock the door right away. Continual forgiveness of the issue/person is like using WD40 to get the lock to open. The second caution is that once the lock opens it doesn’t mean that the door will open. The third caution is that once you have the door open it doesn’t always mean that the issue is relieved or we have healed from it. Maybe there are other doors inside the room and the room could need to be cleaned out before you can get to those doors. Let me just say that continual forgiveness is necessary to allow the body to rid itself of the issue and truly move toward improving your life.

A 71-year-old female client came to me recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her family wanted to help her immediately upon discovering that she had cancer throughout her body (this is her 3rd episode) and sought an alternative before the oncologist treated her. She sat in my office and looked worn and very ill and the first word I said to her was forgiveness. She cried for the entire session. She knew exactly what, who and which issues she needed to forgive. After the first few sessions she looks years younger, is able to do more, has no pain, and has exclaimed that there is no way she will let cancer take her life. She has been so willing to let go and forgive that those locked doors are more easily opening each and every day. She has said that she is no longer the same person and she is no longer abrasive toward others.


Many people I work with say “But I already forgave them”. We live in a world of the quick fix. Our bodies took each minute of each year to accumulate each memory, good and bad, and the locked doors cannot often be fixed with a one-time session of forgiveness. That is the reason forgiveness is one of the master keys, so that we CAN and DO get back to good health.

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Sheevaun Moran is a highly regarded speaker, teacher and entrepreneur. As an expert in the field of subtle energy and its application in life to our minds, bodies, emotions, relationships, and finances, she empowers people to achieve and succeed with the proper use of energetic consciousness. For more information visit: or call (714) 374-1988.