I always say you never know who will come through during a session with your animals. I am constantly humbled and amazed at the accuracy of the messages that come through for loved ones who are open to their messages.

At an expo I was attending in Chicago in February of 2008, a lovely lady named Jean came to have a session with her rather rambunctious beagle named Wally. I connected with the dog who wasn't very apologetic for his somewhat neurotic behavior. He did, however, bring another energy through who had some very special messages.

A human male energy came to me and told me he was Jean's deceased husband. He sent so much love to her that I felt I was in love with her! He apologized to his wife for the upsetting way he left this earth, Jean just sat there staring at me, surprised at this unexpected visit from her deceased husband.

He asked me to give her a hug for him and to tell her how very much he missed her. Jean had no idea that I can connect with deceased loved ones, she came to me for help with her rowdy beagle, so needless to say she was a bit overwhelmed.

During the session, many messages came through for Jean. Her husband told me about someone with a 'C' or "K" name that sent fruit to her, but Jean could not validate this. He also talked about 'playing pool' and I saw a pool table but Jean also had no recollection of anything connected with a pool table.

He also talked about a 'funny garbage incident' but the bewildered Jean just sat there perplexed. There were so many messages coming through I just continued delivering them as it was all being recorded and I knew she could go back and listen to the CD later. Hopefully some of these messages would make sense to her.

This loving husband also told me to 'stretch out Jean's name' and made a funny comment about a 'big production' she was doing. Nothing made any sense to Jean.

I continued on. He kept showing me something that was a 'tri-fold' or folded in thirds. He kept insisting I talk about it but Jean was overwhelmed and could not identify this message.

"He keeps showing me something that is tri-folded," I told her, making the folding motions with my hands.

"No, I just can't think of anything," came her answer.

Then he showed me a square/rectangular box or case, about the size of my clipboard, which I described as well.

"No, I'm sorry, I don't know what that is," Jean responded shrugging her shoulders.

I have learned over the years that the spirit energies are usually right and it's either their human or me getting the wrong translation, so I just told her to think about it and listen to the CD when she got home.

The very next day Jean's daughter came to the expo hall where I was appearing all excited to share some news with me.

"I know what the tri-fold is!" she beamed, grinning ear to ear.

"Tell me," I encouraged, always happy to hear back about an unknown message.

"Dad's favorite wallet was a tri-fold, he loved that thing. He never used any other wallet, even after we got him a regular bi-fold, he still insisted on using the tri-fold," she continued, "The case was his jewelry box, the wallet still sits in his jewelry box!"

Her mom had been too emotional and overwhelmed to remember these little details but this very excited daughter knew exactly what dad was showing me!

I just love to hear back from clients about the messages we receive.

Our loved ones will sometimes send very specific messages about very unusual things to get their message through. I am often asked why they would bring up something like a wallet instead of other types of messages.

I think the answer is simple.

They do that because they can. It is perhaps a very small part of life but it is so personal and specific there is no way you can deny that only they knew that information.

Just remember, no matter what the message is, it is always sent with love.

A few weeks later I received this letter:

Easter Sunday
March 23, 2008

My Dear Karen,
I feel it is most appropriate that I write to you on this day to tell you how you have touched my life. It was not me to think anyone could really communicate with those that have passed on, but in just one sitting with you, I have definitely changed my mind. Let me tell you how many points you touched and scored.

I originally only wanted help with my newly adopted Beagle, Wally that cried and barked every time I left him alone.


“Wally” and you brought me messages from my husband who passed away 5 years ago. I was stunned, shocked, and rendered speechless. I couldn’t even think when you would ask me about different items, like a “box” and a “tri-fold something”. Well, here are the results of all you saw, and conveyed from my beloved husband.

He was apologizing for leaving in such an upsetting way. It was 1 month of intensive hospital care, just gut wrenching. He was completely out, with no possible communication. I was by his side all the time.

The box you saw, about the size of your clipboard, you said. It was really a small plastic basket/bin, in his drawer, where he kept his personal items when he was home. It measured 8” x 11”, about the size of your clipboard! He said he left “it”. I was to look for it. However, he never went anywhere without his “tri-fold wallet”. When I got home and looked around, there it was, his tri-fold wallet in his box in the drawer.

Then you brought up a name starting with a “c’” or “k”, that I might have received fruit from them. You saw apples, oranges, and bananas. My daughter from my first marriage, name starting with a “K”, sent me fruit jellied candies for Christmas: apple, orange, banana, and pineapple flavors.

The funny garbage incident you saw: it was always his job to do, and now I do it alone. Before you told me that he is with me while I am doing this chore, unbelievably, I would always think of him when I had to take it out for garbage day. Now I know why. I will laugh through this job from now on!

You asked about playing pool: you saw him playing pool with others. Our daughter reminded me, that he taught her, while on our yearly vacation trips. I was obviously somewhere else, probably shopping.

You saw him stretching my name. I think this was his pet name for me, which I will keep private.

You saw a “Big Production”, you said. Whenever he helped me with my business and we had a big job to do, he nicknamed them: PROJECT “J” for “project Jean”.

He was very polite, so sweet, so much fun, and we loved each other deeply. You said that he misses me very much, and I miss him the same.

I thank you, Karen, for letting me feel that love again. You have touched my heart.

Sincere Gratitude,
Jean Q
Chicago, IL.

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Karen's bio:
Karen Anderson, "America's Animal Communicator," has studied under some of the world's most renowned psychics. Although her abilities were revealed to her in early childhood, she perfected her skills through years of practice and determination. The animals with whom she communicates are her primary teachers and she continually draws upon their wisdom to gain a deeper knowledge of her craft. Now Karen is able to connect with animals both living or deceased, bringing messages of love, forgiveness and much needed healing.

Mastering her intuitive skills as a Deputy Sheriff, Karen learned to trust her inner voice as she encountered life-threatening situations while on patrol. With special training in Domestic Violence and victims of abuse, Karen draws upon these skills to assist animals in need.

A member of animal rescues since 1999, Karen has spent countless volunteer hours counseling and mending the broken souls of hundreds of animals. Karen now travels the world lecturing, teaching workshops and sharing her passion for this work with others. Karen lives and works in Elk, Washington, where she continues to be a voice and advocate for all creatures. Hear all Creatures! The Journey of an Animal Communicator is Karen's first book.