Thai massage is one of the ancient healing arts practiced for centuries. It has long originated and developed for over 2500 years from the time of Buddha and has been performed by monks for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia. Thai massage was an element of indigenous Thai medicine and was introduced to Thailand by an Indian doctor named Nuad Phaen Boran. Literally, Thai massage in the native language translates as “traditional or ancient massage”. The implementation of Thai massage requires a vast amount of energy and spirituality on the part of the masseur as he initially has to be in a meditative mood.

Such is essential for the masseur to stimulate his intuition so as to be able to locate the lines of energy flow in the body. To fully center on the application of Thai massage, the masseur in fact starts the session with a meditative prayer. Traditional oriental medicine perceives illnesses as an imbalance in the “chi” or the interrelationship between mind, body and spirit. Thai massage is basically concerned with the concept of energy lines flowing throughout the body and such are called the Prana Nadis. The Prana Nadis supply the total being with the vital life energy called the Prana.

The Prana is said to be incorporated into our being through the air we breathe and the food we take. Illnesses are said to be instigated by disturbances in the flow of energy due to an insufficient supply of the Prana in the being. Thai massage focuses on breaking the blockages in the energy lines and stimulating the free flow of the life energy by selecting the crucial acupressure points through ten energy mainlines in the body. Through this process, Thai massage is able to help in restoring well being. The Thai massage procedure involves the application of gentle pressure using the hands and the feet along the vital acupressure points or energy mainlines and implementing various stretching exercises to instigate the body to assume certain positions.

Such is for the purpose of aligning the energies of the body. This ancient massage therapy is more concerned with the invisible energy body rather than the apparent physical body. Gentle but vigorous pressure is applied as well as locating and pressing the energy points. A significant amount of stretching is likewise included in the whole process. Throughout the centuries, Thai massage has been a healing modality for degenerative illnesses as well as an effective means for promoting well being. The young, the old, the active and healthy or otherwise can benefit from this ancient healing art. The rewards of Thai massage are certainly worth the effort as the internal organs are stimulated, the body’s energy system is balanced and the skeletal structure is adjusted.

Tension in the joint and muscles can likewise be relieved through Thai massage and flexibility is enhanced as well. This ancient healing art is generally safe although it may not be appropriate for individuals with chronic knee or back injuries as well as pregnant women. As Thai massage is more vigorous than traditional massage therapies, it delivers a uniquely energizing and relaxing feeling. Referred to as Thai yoga, Thai massage offers a soothing yet stimulating effect on the body truly making it a unique art form that has transcended the ages.

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